A New Term

School starts on Monday.  I’m spending a couple of days this week getting caught up on marking and organising folios and deadlines.  Just thinking about how much has to be completed this term makes me feel slightly panicky!  I’ll get my head around it once term begins though. 

An added stress is a visit by the region’s AifL co-ordinator (Assessment is For Learning).  I use AifL techniques widely in my classes and am continually looking for new/improved ways to develop them.  However, my record keeping is not very good.  E.g. the targets I set and feedback I accordingly give are generally returned to the pupils.  The work I file has been redrafted and so does not have these comments.   Really have to sort this out.  It would be beneficial for the pupils to look back and see how they have progressed or what areas are still weaknesses.  And it would prove to the inspectors etc that the methods are being used in class.   

So many balls in the air!


3 thoughts on “A New Term

  1. Why not use blogs to allow the kids to have their perfect redrafts of work AND the workings of where they came from? A nice example of this here:

    I wouldn’t worry about the AiFL visit, either. It’s what happens in the class more than ‘evidence’ that matters. As long as the kids can ‘see’ what they’ve done and how they got there they are learning. That ‘see’ might be in photography, models, artwork, posters, display or good old fashioned jotter work. Or it might be worked out on a blog. Can’t wait to see how you get on.

  2. An inspiring idea. Now considering piloting a blog site with my seniors this term. Thanks, Ewan.
    Very interesting blog BTW. I’m sure many Highland teachers would welcome a visit from you. Let me know if you have any plans of presenting up here.

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