Think I’ve managed to iron out all the problems with the blog.  The kids really seem keen on the idea of using it too.  Hope they aren’t just hoping for a new version of MSN to chat to their friends.  Taking the whole class to a computer room tomorrow to get them started.  A few of the girls are nervous about writing something that might be ridiculed.  The boys’ bravado might be masking similar worries.  Lots of encouragement required I suspect.

On a different note, I was told today that the region’s AiFL inspector (forget what his real title is) is coming to observe my 4th year class on Tuesday.  My 4th years????  Nooooooo!  Not an easy bunch at all.  Nevermind.  I’m sure it will go well.  And if it doesn’t it will be interesting to hear an observer’s take on what went wrong. Thank goodness we’re not focusing on close reading skills at the moment.  We’re just about to start a persuasive writing unit on the topic of boxing.  The class has several boisterous boys in it who can be disruptive.  Hoping the fact that they will be gathering information on a sport (a violent one at that) will keep them focused. 

My plan to display targets throughout lessons isn’t going perfectly.  Doing it all the time with one class and rarely with the others.  Will keep trying.


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