Exams Looming

It’s hectic at work right now.  The S5/6 prelims begin on Monday.  English first – eeeek!  In the last few days some of my class have begun to realise that the amount of effort that they have put in will bear somerelation to how well they are going to do in the exam.  Needless to say there were some worried faces in G12 on Friday.  The temptation to jump around yelling “I told you so” was tempered by the recollection that I had been just as laid back about studying when I was doing my Highers.  Did I increase my effort post prelims?  Can’t remember.

This is my first year teaching Higher so I’m very interested to see the results of the prelims.  Not looking forward to the marking though.

Also on the horizon is the return of HMI.  We had an initial visit 2 years ago.  The inspection, undeniably, helped to improved the school.  However, it was a truly horrible experience which demoralised the staff deeply.  Within classrooms the criticism was brutally direct and was not tempered by a recognition of strengths.  Two stars and wish – it was not! This is the final visit and we are all looking forward to it being over.  More than that though.  The staff have worked hard to implement the initial recommendations and we are hoping there will be some recognition of that. 


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