Parents’ Night

I like parents’ nights.  Its fun meeting the creators of Liam, Stacey, Aiden etc.  So far (touch wood, touch wood, touch wood) I have only had one negative experience.  Super aggressive Mum convinced it was solely my fault that her son was not in the top set.  An unpleasant experience but certainly not the norm.  Generally find the parents to be highly pleasant.  Though an odd amount want to talk about their own school experiences rather than hear the ins and outs of how Jimmy is doing.  What’s that about?

Tonight its second year.  I have a fabulous 2nd year class.  Virtually all their parents are coming tonight.  Will I get out of here and be heading down the A9 before 9pm.  It’s unlikely.  Do I care?  Not too much tonight, actually.  Starting to feel some energy seep into my bones again after these manic last weeks.  I may even start seeing 10pm again soon.  Then again, maybe not.


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