If I Look Scared…


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I was going to post a cute picture of my brother’s new dog this evening. Then my neighbour rang the doorbell. He was back from diving on the west coast and had some fresh scallops for me. The crab in the picture was he and his partner’s dinner. When I asked for a photo of the monster I had noooooooo intention of holding it. I mean look how big its claws are! Felt like a big girl’s blouse refusing to do so though. So there I am frozen in fear, smiling inanely, holding the biggest crab I have ever seen.

Crabs have faces. I didn’t know that.

The scallops were delicious.

Back to school this week. Feel like the crab experience has prepared me for it! Easing into the new term with an inservice day tomorrow. The morning session is on SMART marking. Am I right in thinking SMART is an acronym for Short Measureable Achievable Realistic Targets? It can’t be “short”, surely. Well, I’ll be reminded tomorrow.

As an English teacher I am never short of marking. I incorporate lots of self and peer assessment into my lessons but it never seems to lessen the amount of evenings I spend with a pile of essays in front of me. Hopefully tomorrow will help.

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