Cherry Tomato, Rocket & Basil Spaghetti

tomato pasta
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Tomorrow I’m off to Charleston Academy to meet with the other members of the Highland AiFL Associated Schools Group. Six (?) English teachers from across the region are meeting up to discuss our individual AiFL projects. I’ve written a case study based on the self-assessment/modelling technique I blogged about earlier this year. I’m a little worried about my lack of evidence. The kids all kept their essays for revision and I wasn’t organised enough to copy them first… Have managed to scraped together something. Don’t feel it exemplifies the results very well though.

After a great Saturday night with some visiting Swedish friends I spent today in the garden working off a wee hangover. Amongst other things I have now attached the greenhouse to the garage. If it blows away again the garage is going with it! When lunch time came I was famished and wanted something fast.

Not even sure this qualifies as a recipe.

Cherry Tomato, Rocket & Basil Spaghetti
(for 1)

A handful of cherry tomatoes, seeds squeezed out and roughly chopped
A handful of rocket
6 or so basil leaves, torn up
1 small garlic clove, crushed
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt and Pepper
100g wholewheat spaghetti

  • Combine the tomatoes, rocket, basil, garlic, and oil. Season to taste and leave to marinate.
  • Cook the spaghetti in plenty of boiling salted water.
  • Drain spaghetti and add to tomato mixture. Mix gently.

2 thoughts on “Cherry Tomato, Rocket & Basil Spaghetti

  1. I think those “spur of the moment” throw togethers are the best. Yours sounds extremely easy and looks awesome. Now tell me, what did you have to give you that “wee bit of a hangover ?” Hopefully it was a good bottle of wine!

  2. It was indeed! A South African Pinotage, I believe. I know nothing about matching wines and food but it did seem to go extremely well with my meal: saddle of venison on a bed of hazlenut and pea risotto, served with a red currant jus. Yum!

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