I have been tagged twice in the last few days. Once from Brianna at Oishii and once from Holler at Tinned Tomatoes. Never been personally tagged before so this is quite exciting!

It’s perfect timing too as I’m very busy with weddings (not mine!) and whatnot at the moment. Discovered that memes are ideal for hectic times or lazy days. Will complete Brianna’s first and leave Holler’s for a busy/lazy day in the future.

Seven Random Things About Me

1) I sleepwalk regularly.
It’s like I’m hallucinating. My eyes are always open and I am fully aware of my surroundings but there are other things there. For example – babies stuck behind radiators; red rabbits abseiling from the ceiling onto my face; dead mice/multicoloured octopuses/various other beasties in my bed; peacock feathers growing out of my pillow; half full pint glasses hovering above my head…
It’s pretty distressing when it’s actually happening but the entertainment value I and others get recalling what I’ve done MORE than makes up for a little hysteria! 

2) Other than Scotland, I have lived in Japan, Finland and Canada. Very happy to be back in Scotland again but know that those itchy-feet may strike again!
If they do I’d like to live in Sweden or Spain for a while. 

3) I have very long toes. My cousin used to call me finger-feet. 

4) I sneeze repeatedly when I’m full up. It’s a little embarrassing in restaurants. 

5) Though I rarely watch scheduled TV, I enjoy cooking with DVDs playing in the background. Favourite box-sets include The West Wing, BBC version of Pride & Prejudice, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Six Foot Under. 

6) Dogs make me incredibly happy.
Last month I made the decision not to get a dog and, though I know it was the right decision, I am still upset about it. As much as I want one I know it would not be fair to the dog. I’d be away all day and my work is 35 minutes away from my home. Not enough time to pop home. Sigh. 

7) I was a vegetarian for 10 years. A hangover and a bacon sandwich led to my downfall. 🙂
Still don’t eat a huge amount of meat but not because I think it’s unethical. I simply love vegetables! I am quite fussy about where my meat comes from though and buy local/free-range/organic/outdoor bred meats and MSC approved fish whenever possible.


 Not sure who has completed this already.. I tag Deb at Key West Wine and Garden, Lucy at Nourish Me, Anh at Food Lovers’ Journey, Patricia at Technicolour Kitchen and Nora B at Life’s Smörgåsbord.

11 thoughts on “Tag

  1. Figs Olives Wine – Goodness! That sounds terrifying. At least I can react to what I see e.g. run away or investigate (depending on whether the thing is scary or not).

  2. thanks for those bits and pieces, wendy – I like your descriptions of dreams – I find weird dreams interesting and am always glad when I can at least recall my dreams. And I understand your feelings about dogs – I would love one but don’t have the space or time

  3. great response, wendy! 🙂

    1. i think you could sell your sleep-walking visions to stephen king and make a lot of $$.

    2. what a cute puppy!!!

    3. i laughed about the hangover and the bacon sandwich.

  4. Gen – Are you kidding? Love both “Buffy” and “Angel”! Will rent the boxsets for you next time you visit. 😉

    Nora B – Look forward to reading your response!

    Johanna – Find dreams fascinating too. I have plenty of space for a dog and more than enough love too! The time issue is the problem. 😦

    Brianna – Thanks!
    1) At one point my sister and I actually thought of creating little illustrated books of my freaky dreams. I’d write and she’d draw. It hasn’t happened yet though!
    2) That’s Rosie, my brother’s dog. She’s coming to visit in a few weeks time.
    3)Still love the smell of bacon..

  5. Sorry I have not responded sooner. I was taking “fly fishing” lessons! Something I have always wanted to do and now have the chance. Dah, you’d think I would fish living where I am surrounded by water! About Time! I will join your tag this week!

  6. I love dogs too!

    It’s a difficult decison to make, but aren’t they just the loveliest creatures to have around?

    Your sleep-walking sounds scary. Fascinating though.

    So long as you’ve never hurt yourself…

    Noted – will see what I can come up with.

  7. Deb – My Dad used to fly fish. Remember going with him a couple of times when I was a kid. Look forward to hearing about your catches!

    Lucy – They really really really are! I’ll be looking after my brother’s dog (the one in the picture) for eight days later this summer and I can’t wait! More excited about this than going away on holiday.
    Never hurt myself sleepwalking but I have tried to jump into a swimming pool and I’ve ran out of the house a couple of times.

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