Warning – Risk of Woman Popping with Happiness


OK.  Not only have I just got back from an amazingly good holiday visiting friends in Sweden and Finland (pics and stories to be posted tomorrow); and not only have I returned home to a newly decorated bathroom (thank you Mum and Dad!); and not only did aforementioned father find a big patch of chanterelles in the local forest and take me there on my way home to pick a bucket full; I also returned to Inverness to discover that my BBM package has arrived!

For those of you who haven’t heard of BBM, I’ll explain.  Blogging By Mail is an event where bloggers send out parcels to another participant.  This BBM was about our favourite things.  I sent a package out to Mevrouw Cupcake earlier in the summer.  And today I received my package from none-other than the organiser herself, the lovely Stephanie from Dispensing Happiness.  I was very honoured!

And, my goodness, what a package it was.  🙂  The care she obviously took in selecting the items and making links with my own blog was really touching.  Plus, Stephanie’s favourite things were explained in detail in a hand-written nine page letter on the coolest writing paper I’ve ever seen! 

 Without further ado, I’ll share my gifts with you all.

 Lots of gorgeous chocolate, including Endangered Species chocolate which donates a portion of the profit to animal charities.


Delicious dried raspberries (which I didn’t even know existed) and pop rocks!  Haven’t seen this sweet since I was a kid!  According to Stephanie, if a dog licks this candy the results are hillarious!



One of Stephanie’s favourite recipes, Persian Rice with Pistachio and Dill, complete with the some pistachios to make it.  Can’t wait to try this out.  🙂  Love both dill and pistachios!



A beautiful herbal tea (which I’m drinking right now and loving) and a bottle of Italian vanilla syrup for adding to coffees, sodas, even champagne! 



Some very swish home-made jam made with Concord grapes and fresh thyme.  Going to have this on my ryebread for supper tonight!



A mix CD which, though I only know one song on it, sounds great.  It has music from Buffy the Vampire Slayer on it – it must be good!  A book by Stephanie’s favourite author and a copy of Vegetarian Times, both of which I’m looking forward to getting stuck into. 



These little pecan crackers are soooooo good.  I’ve eaten them all already and I only opened the package a couple of hours ago!  The Chipolte peppers are something I’m not familiar with at all.  I can feel an experiment coming on!



A wee pampering kit from Burt’s Bees, a company I’ve heard of but never come across their products.  Being an absolute sucker for anything that makes me soft, I love this!

And finally, my favourite….


A puppy of my own!  Stephanie read how much I wanted a dog and how much I loved having Rosie here.   She has four dogs and this little fella looks like one called Donegal.  So Donegal he shall be too!


22 thoughts on “Warning – Risk of Woman Popping with Happiness

  1. I’m so pleased you like everything!

    Yes, everyone should have a puppy of their own, and though I understand the reasons why you’re not getting one, I had to do *something*!

    Enjoy your goodies, and welcome back…

  2. I am so glad you had a great time and I can feel the energy from you thru your blog! I am so jealous about the mushrooms! I have always wanted to go mushroom hunting up north but have not yet. I love cooking with mushrooms, in fact I am making a tomato tart tonight and adding mushrooms even though the recipe did not call for them.
    And your BBM sounds so fun! I have not heard of that until now. I visited Stephanie’s site and it is cool! I will have to go back and spend more time there soon!

  3. Oops, wanted to say something else. Beware of the chipolte peppers. Those babies are HOT! The sauce that they are packed in is sooo good. Mike loves those peppers and I do use the same ones in a number of my dishes. And the tea she sent, the same brand I use!
    Oh what a fun package!!!!!

  4. I think that is the coooolest package ever! And it’s also so nice that your dad took you mushroom picking. I’m glad to hear that you had a terrific time in Sweden & Finland. Looking forward to seeing the photos.

  5. Stephanie – Once again, thank you so very very much. Still on a high! 🙂

    Deb – Thank you for the chipolte advice! Much needed. This was the first time I’ve been mushroom picking. I’ve always been too worried about picking the wrong ones! Chanterelles are easily recognised though. And soooooo good too!

    Figs Olives Wine – I know, Amanda. I’m still so very touched. Thank you and I hope you enjoy all the photos!

    Nora – Isn’t it though?! My Dad was really chuffed to have found the patch and seemed to enjoy the fact that I was equally excited!

  6. It’s good to see you back!

    What a wonderful welcome-home present! That is amazing. I’d love to participate in something like that, and although I clicked your link, and went to Dispensing Happiness, I couldn’t figure out how to get involved. What do I need to do to jump in?

    I hope you’re transition back home goes smoothly. When does school start for you?

  7. Pleased your home Wendy. Sounds as though you’ve had a fabulous time!

    Such thoughtful goodies. Donegal is gorgeous (just don’t let Rosie and Donegal ‘play’ together ;)).

    Wonder what you’ll do with that bounty of funghi…

  8. Anh – Thank you! Looking forward to posting the photographs later today!

    Cynthia – Thank you and yes, it was indeed!

    Christina – I’m not sure when the next event is or who is organising it. I definitely will be participating again! Will post on this site if I come across the next event. 🙂
    School starts on Monday. Can’t believe how fast the summer has gone! Would like to be a little more organised…

    Lucy – Thank you! I really did. Will have to remember to hide Donegal when Rosie comes up next – though who knows when that will be (sob).
    As for the mushrooms… Made a sauce last night for salmon and am going to dry some and freeze some for winter. No idea what I’ll be doing with the rest! No doubt I’ll post about whatever it is. 🙂

  9. Wow, that’s an amazing package! I’m sure you’ll enjoy all of it (especially the cute puppy) but I can vouch that Burt’s bees stuff is really good, especially the little tins of stuff.

  10. Truffle – 🙂 It certainly was a box of delights!

    Sophie – Have only tried out the lipbalm so far but I’m loving it. 🙂

    Celia – Exactly. Everything was so personal. I was stunned. 🙂

  11. what a wonderful welcome home from your holidays – lots of exotics and comforts in your box – am sure you will enjoy! look forward to hearing about your holidays

  12. What an absolutly fantastic thing to come home to!
    And to top it off, you’re very own puppy – the good kind that like to cuddle but don’t need walking in the rain!
    Glad your holiday was fun!

  13. Johanna – It really was! 🙂

    Katiez – 😀 Why is it that wet dogs love to jump on furniture that they KNOW they aren’t allowed on?

    Stephanie – It was the Ash song – Girl From Mars. Reminds me of being a student and jumping around like a bean in dark and dirty clubs! Listening to the CD now as I make dinner and am loving it!

  14. That sounds like an amazing package.
    Burt’s Bee! The best!
    The tea, I could give or take!
    Oh you have a puppy to fill the void. is your other half home yet?

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