Bubble or Butterbean?

Rather hungover.  Short post.  Just for fun.  🙂

Whilst reading the paper online this morning I discovered that yesterday was International Literacy DayThe Guardian marked the event by inviting readers to share their favourite words.  Some of the responses interested me greatly and others made me laugh out loud.  They all put a smile on my face. 

Tomorrow I’m going to ask my pupils to think of their favourite words and create a fun display with them.  Realise this is asking for trouble in some cases (it’s amazing the amount of synonyms some body parts have) but my room needs a new display and it’ll be fun to hear the kids’ ideas. 

Today, however, I’d like to ask you guys what your favourite word is.  Food related or not.  Semantic reasons or just how it feels rolling off your tongue. I’d like to know.  🙂

Personally, I can’t choose between bubble and butterbean…


29 thoughts on “Bubble or Butterbean?

  1. Mellifluous (don’t think I’m alone there).

    Rhubarb (sounds almost rude…)

    Chard. Mostly beacause what we call silverbeet, the rest of the world calls chard. Chard sounds better anyway.

    Of to check out Guardian readers responses…

  2. “Swirl” – I love how the work feels in my mouth and I love how the wine looks in my glass when I “swirl” it in my glass!
    There ya go!
    Do tell us how the class responded!

  3. “Patch” with any vegetable name before it. It summons Beatrix Potter.

    “Hedgerow” is another cozy one – all the flavors of late summer and autumn come to mind. Berries, mushrooms, etc.

    Your kids are going to be so dirty. The challenge for me would be to keep a straight face and act like it’s not funny. hehehe.

  4. Megan – “Podgy” is fun!

    John – “Serendipity” is a contender for me too. 🙂

    Nora – I always feel like my tongue is too thick when I say that word!

    Lucy – “Rhubarb” does sound rude!

    Petunia – Nice name… 😉

    Rosa – I used to teach Spanish kids and they sound hillarious saying “ugly”. The word is lengthed ten times!

    Kay – Had to look that one up! Cool word…

    Bonnie – Hee hee. It’s as good as “fishfingers”.

    Deb – It’s very onomatopoeia… Except that swirls don’t sound like anything… :-S

    Amanda – Love “hedgerow”. Love hedgehogs. 🙂 Will let you all know what the kids say. Dirty and all!

  5. fingertips! I love the way it rolls over my tongue, i have a filling i’m gently touching sth with my fingertips!

    i love words, and the way they sound.
    when my bf was learning Croatian, he would phone me every now and then to tell me about a funny word he found! i thought that was so sweet 🙂

  6. I have been thinking about this ever since I read your post the other day and my fav words are syllabub and Puuuuurrrrrcity nicknames I call my cats. Syllabub when they are being silly and purrrrcity when they are being all snuggly.

  7. Maninas – That’s very sweet!

    Rosa – Hee hee!

    Cynthia – “Subtle” was a popular one on The Guardian thread too. It’s very delicate, isn’t it?

    Pat – Ohhhhh, “syllabub” is great!

    Truffle – Drool. I love crumpets. It’s been an age since I had one too. Think I know what Sunday breakfast is going to be this week. 🙂

    Mainyacha – You’re right. It’s very very odd. 🙂

  8. I used the word propensity today and quite enjoyed that! I find that somethimes, I read so much, that I have a head full of words, but I am not always sure if I can pronounce them!
    I like serendipity too!

  9. Oh, how fun! Matt & I love words. We are constantly saying “I like ___”, or “I never cared for___”.

    I’m a fan of parsimonious. I hate the word buttress. But there are many, many more. Words are fun.

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