Glenbuckie House

For the last five days my family and I have been staying in Glenbuckie House, a beautiful Victorian manor in Comrie, Perthshire.  It was perfect!  Frosty mornings, sunny days, starry nights, falling leaves, woodland walks, pancake breakfasts, silver squirrels, a cuddly spaniel, roaring fires, hide and seek…  I could go on forever!

Choosing which photos to publish on this post was a nightmare.  Some extras are on my Flickr page if you’d like to see more.  🙂


29 thoughts on “Glenbuckie House

  1. So incredibly beautiful. I looks like a restful and glorious family trip, complete even with a DOG! Hooray!

    Thank you for sharing your relaxation with us. It made me feel peaceful just scrolling through the pictures.

  2. Mansi – Welcome! And thank you!

    Jules – Thank you. 🙂

    Deb – The colours this year were some of the most spectacular I’ve seen!

    Christina – Eleven people in one house is a bit crazy but it was a wonderfully relaxing holiday, nonetheless. And having Rosie around was, of course, great!!!

  3. Pat – Thank you! It really was. 🙂

    Joanna – Thank you! 🙂

    Gloria – Thank you! That’s exactly what the house was like…

    Susan – I wish… She’s my brother’s dog, Rosie. I adore her beyond belief though!

  4. Wendy, you get all the nices places to stay!! It looks so tranquil and beautifull. I love frosty mornings and long walks, most of all real fires, we have a old fireplace in our front room, I feel the need for a log fire coming on this week:) x

  5. Claire – It was!

    Katiez – I did just that. 🙂

    Megan – I certainly have been incredibly spoilt these holidays. Very jealous that you have a real fire in your home. My last house had one and I miss it terribly.

  6. Wendy,

    Re: the sourdough. You would need to find out what regulations Scotland via USA allows for live foodstuffs. I don’t know what your customs requirements are. If you are allowed to receive (without quarantine that would eventually render the yeast dead-on-arrival) I would be happy to send to you. I’ll hold aside a cup of starter for you should this be allowed. Do please let me know. I won’t give it away elsewhere until I hear from you.

  7. Maryann – The colours have been stunning here this year. Guess you guys get it every year.

    Truffle – I can’t lie it was wonderful… Very very glad you enjoyed them. 🙂

  8. Planning a visit to Glenbuckie House in May. Your pictures are beautiful.The one with the stag’s head above a coat of arms is intriguing -would love to know where that is so we can visit

  9. Janette – That picture was taken in a pub in Killin (about 45 mins from Comrie). Don’t remember the name of the pub but it’s the white one over looking the river. Can’t miss it! Really, really good food. Hope you enjoy Glenbuckie. We all adored our week there.

  10. Hi there,

    Found your blog via a search for Glenbuckie. My family and I have a week booked there at the end of July. Any tips for local places to go for walks, food and drink. We are brits, but live in Southern California and are going home for a few weeks over the summer.

    Best wishes,


  11. Hello Liz,

    Oh, you’re in for a treat! It’s a lovely house in a beautiful area.

    We did the Glenlednock Circular Walk which starts in the village and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a gentle 2 hour walk through hills and woods and past waterfalls. There’s an option to go up to a monument at the top of a hill – quite a strenuous short climb but worth it for the views.

    Drove up Loch Earn to Killin one day. Lovely drive and a nice walk near the village. Had lunch in the Killin Inn (think that’s the name – old white building before the bridge). The food in there was exceptionally good.

    We cooked in the house most nights so didn’t eat out in Comrie at all. Did have a very good fish supper from the local chip shop though!

    Hope that helps.

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