Famous Four – Take Two

 When Deb left me a message on my last post saying I had been tagged for a meme I was rather pleased.  Not only because Deb had very kindly selected me to be tagged but also because this is a busy (and rather crap) week and I don’t have much time to cook or blog.  The tag was Four Things… and I’ve actually completed it before.  Rather than let my bubble be burst, I’ve made up my own categories and done another one!  🙂

Four Films I Love

  • Independence Day – Mock me if you must but I love it!  The bit where the dog bounds over the parked cars and into the safety of the cupboard (???) as the alien explosion blasts through the tunnel cracks me up.  Cannot imagine better entertainment.
  • La Vita e Bella (Life is Beautiful) – Funny but utterly heart-breaking.
  • Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo And Juliet – I use it in class every year yet am still floored by it each and every time I watch it.  Visually stunning.
  • Annie – Love the songs.  🙂 

Four Things I Like About Winter

  • Lighting candles
  • Sparkling frost
  • Hearing the local DJ say my school is closed on a snowy morning.  Woo hoo!  Snow day!
  • Christmas Day – Drinking Baileys for breakfast with my Mum; opening presents with my nieces; twinkly lights; cooking my family an enormous roast meal; and screaming at the neighbours whilst we play board games in the evening (Pictionary brings out the violent side of me). 

Four Foods I Don’t Like

  • Mussels – They look weird and they taste weird.
  • Sea Urchin – It was a local speciality in the Japanese town I lived in.  Everyone continually wanted me to eat it and I was too polite to say no.  It was like eating fishy sand.
  • Tarragon – Yuck.  
  • Beetroot – Don’t hate it, just not wild about it.  Lovely colour, mind you.

Four of My Favourite Breeds of Dog

  • Cocker Spaniel – Great ears, great personality.  Rosie is a cocker, not to mention Sam, my family’s old dog. 
  • Pug – Never met one but think they’re hilarious.  D hates them and has threatened to leave me if I get one.  I’m weighing up my options… 😉
  • Newfoundland – It’d be like having a pet bear without the fear of being eaten.
  • Huskies – This is D’s favourite.  I get that.  He’s like a human huskie in some ways.

I’d like to tag Christina, Lucy, David and Truffle.  And, if you guys fancy taking up the offer, I’d like you to tell us four things about any four things you please. 


24 thoughts on “Famous Four – Take Two

  1. I would like to see you violent over Pictionary – ha,ha! And, I cannot believe you do not like Tarragon! No wonder you did not plant any in your garden this summer. I would like to spend Christmas at your house, Bailey’s first thing in the morning, yummy!
    Now, you must tell me about the object in your photo!

  2. Deb – It’s a candle holder from a Swedish company called Bodanova. Think it’s called snowball. I love the shadows it casts on the walls. The candle holder in the background is also Swedish but from the 60’s. 🙂
    Me playing Pictionary is not a pretty sight!

    Katie – Now I want to meet Emma even more…

  3. How funny are you! Independence Day – what a fabulous, thrilling film. Dog scene is fantastic.

    As for sea urchin…I’m with you. Makes me shudder just thinking about that texture.

    Deb tagged me too, so I’ll do an ‘eight things’ combining yours and Deb’s. Lookin’ forward to choosing my dog types, I can tell you…

  4. Hi Wendy, that’s a good idea that you made your own categories. You may not enjoy my recent post I think, since it’s about beetroot 😉 Oh, I can get pretty aggressive with boardgames too – lol!!

  5. I love your categories, Wendy, in particular your winter one – two of the greatest words a child can hear is ‘snow day’ and they only get sweeter as an adult. And I’m so pleased to hear of your board game streak; I’m a complete nightmare to play with and can be very demanding about playing those games I want to play (mainly because I think I’ll win). Hee hee. 🙂

  6. Dear wendy. I love these candle holders! I have two (currently still in Australia in storage). They are lovely. I think the Baileys for Christmas breakfast is a great tradition.

  7. John – Funny enough, my partner doesn’t like seafood but likes mussels. I enjoy seafood but don’t like mussels. Very tempted to try out your beetroot idea. Perhaps it’d change my mind on the pink one…

    Lucy – Looking forward to reading yours! Felt awful picking only four breeds. And I forgot Westies! How could I?!

    Nora – I’d like to like beetroot. Just find it so sweet.

    Annemarie – We should NEVER play board games together. People could get hurt. 🙂

    Little Miss Moi – We keep a bottle of Bailey’s under the tree especially for Christmas morning!

  8. wendy,

    your meme’s are great.

    I have never watched annie, I will have to rent it!

    You have made me feel all wintery with your winter things,
    thank you xxx

  9. Maryann – See, you’re joking but I just told D we’re getting a dog. 😉

    Holler – Thanks, Holler. In the dog and cat households that I know the cat always has the upper hand!

  10. Thanks for the tag! It will take me a bit to get to it, but I will!

    It was fun to read this–I don’t know how you managed to narrow down four favorite dog breeds. And, drinking Baileys sounds like the perfect way to start Christmas day.

  11. Mallika – Singing it right now!

    Christina – It was a tough job. Too tough, in fact. I just named the first five that came into my head. Think the Westie across the road reads this blog ’cause he’s been giving me the evil eye since I published…

    Valli – I love reading other people’s memes. Just nosey, I think. 🙂

    Sylvia – Thank you and welcome!

  12. Wendy – mussels, tarragon and beetroot are foods of the gods! Will try and do this if I have the time, I’ve done a few of these now, hope you understand! Thanks for tagging me.


  13. I’m w/ you on sea urchins, and share a strong ambivalence for beets. I promise not to wave a tender branch of tarragon under your nose. ; ) To each his own tastes.

  14. David – No probs! I like to keep them for busy weeks. You’re totally mistaken on the tarragon front, by the by. 😉

    Susan – I just don’t understand WHO could enjoy sea urchin. I mean, really. What’s to like?

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