Brussels Sprouts: A Recipe and A Challenge

Short post.  Busy night.

Yesterday The Guardian published a recipe for Brussels Sprouts with Tofu.  I made the dish for dinner this evening and it was so exceptionally good I feel compelled to share it with you.  🙂  You can find the recipe here.  I halved the amounts specified (it served four) and ate it without rice.  Also drastically reduced the amount of oil from 90ml to three tablespoons.

Before I sign off, here’s a wee competition for you.  Every Christmas day a good friend of mine embarks on The Great Brussel’s Sprout Challenge.  Quite simply (and totally unfathomably) he attempts to eat as many Brussel’s Sprouts in one sitting as he possibly can.  Here’s my challenge to you:

What’s his record?  How many sprouts do you think he managed to consume at one sitting?


15 thoughts on “Brussels Sprouts: A Recipe and A Challenge

  1. Coincidentally I have just finished tofu and sprouts. Used a mix of orange juice (well a tangerine tonight) chilli and soya sauce to stir braze the sprouts. Must try sesame next time.

  2. Hi Wendy, Andy reckons your friend can eat 40 sprouts. I pity the person who has had to trim them and then mark them with a cross. If he eats more than 40 I hope he preps for himself! love from Egypt x

  3. Hmm. I’m very much not a sprout fan, so a record for me would be more than 3, especially if I chewed them so I could taste them rather than just swallowed as quickly as I could.
    Still, I’m sure your dish is very tasty. 🙂

  4. Hmmm, I reckon about 45 sprouts if he has been practicing for a few years, but it kinda depends if he has eaten the rest of his christmas dinner or not first. Crazy man anyway!

    We tried the golden crusted sprouts with parmesan from 101 cookbooks last night and it was a resounding success (after years of sprout avoidance), so the tofu idea might be up next. I’ll have to give my other half a day or two to recover into a false sense of security first mind you…

  5. It took me quite awhile to acquire a taste for the sprouts. Mike likes them just steamed with butter and olive oil, but I have to have something else with mine to mask some of the taste. Last night I made Shaved Brussel Sprouts with Carmelized Shallots, which I found in the November issue of Bon Apetit magazine. It was a nice dish that was quick and easy and the Shallots added a nice touch to the dish.
    Wow, couldn’t he find something else to challenge himself with besides brussel sprouts! If he makes it a day long challenge, I would say 60…

  6. John – Love the orange ideas. Will have to try it out.

    Shona – Think Andy’s going to be rather surprised!

    Annemarie – Sprouts aren’t the most popular veg, I know. If they’re over cooked they are AWFUL!

    Anh – It’s only been in the last couple of years that I’ve begun adoring them. 🙂

    Sophie – I know people that refuse to sit at a table with a sprout!

    Deb – I’ll post my favourite sprout recipe next month. It’s a Christmas must!

  7. i’d say 60 brussel sprouts but then i’m a big fan (and no, have never had 60 at one sitting but he’s going for a record, yes?)

  8. Alison – Think you’d have to be a big fan to eat 60. But it’s not the right answer!

    Lucy – Do you???? I’ve mentioned it before?? Can’t remember. Having a senior moment. Will say this though, when I contacted him last night to confirm the amount I discovered I was mistaken… Still in shock by the answer.

  9. I hate boiled sprouts but I’ve been experimenting with roasting them and they get a great flavour that way. This looks like a great recipe!
    My guess is 53 sprouts in one sitting!

  10. But how big are the sprouts?

    I never put a cross in Brussels, myself. Seems a complete waste of time to me. But then I’m also of the school of thought that you should keep them well away from boiling water. I’ve done them with smoked tofu (which is pretty much the only kind I eat as it actually has some flavour), and it’s a rather good combination.

  11. Lucy – Get ready to be even more impressed!

    Freya – I haven’t managed to roast them successfully yet. 🙂

    David – I thought that too!

    SH – Not sure. I do cross them thought I haven’t tried not doing so. Feel an experiment coming on…

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