My brother was outraged the other day when one of Rosie’s random admirers asked him:

“Do you dye her hair?”

I’m not sure who was more insulted: my brother (“Of course, I don’t colour my dog’s hair!”) or Rosie (“Of course, I’m a real blonde!  Pah!”).  

One can hardly blame the admirer for asking – check out that mop!


Whilst we’re on a doggy note, check out this post on Use Real Butter

And you thought I was dog mad? 


6 thoughts on “Blondie

  1. That dog is just gorgeous, every time I see her I just want one just like her! She is soo sweet! I long for one! Unfortunately, i don’t think my 3 cats could cope. But I still want a Rosie!

  2. I wholeheartedly agree! She has the most beautiful little face. I’d love to have a dog but my two cats would have a fit. What kind of dog is she? (Sorry if it’s obvious…like I said, I have cats!)

  3. Holler – She’s gorgeous. And she knows she is! 🙂

    Salena – She’s a very petite cocker spaniel. And no need to apologise, I wouldn’t know the first thing about cat breeds! 🙂

  4. As Rosie’s guardian, I can confirm that she is indeed a true blonde who has never used any hair colourants what so ever.

    As I read the very nice comments (thank you) regarding Rosie, she is curled up beside me in bed looking very cute.
    I will pass on some pics for Wendy to add as she sees fit.

    Thank you for a wonderful early xmas meal sis and good luck skiing in France.

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