Ottolenghi Delivers Again

 Yes, I am going to rave about Yotam Ottolenghi again.  My new favourite chef, Ottolenghi’s recipes feature weekly in The Guardian and are truly inspired.  He has a book coming out soon – can’t wait! 

Tried out this week’s recipe, Saffron Papperdelle with Spiced Butter, for lunch today and it was a real delight.  Warmly spiced and richly coloured, a small portion of this would make a very elegant starter.  You can find the recipe here.

I made a few changes to suit my storecupboard and preferences:

  • Though this could never be a low fat dish, you do NOT need 200g of butter for four people.  I used less than half of that and it was more than ample. 
  • Also, I recommend using tongs to lift the buttered pasta out of the pan and on to a plate.  This reduces the amount of butter in each serving.
  • I used dried tagliatelle cooking it in a large pan of water flavoured with 1 tspn saffron and salt. 
  • Pine nuts were replaced by  sunflower seeds. 
  • Mint was replaced by coriander.

10 thoughts on “Ottolenghi Delivers Again

  1. Hi Wendy. I used to love my Guardian on a Saturday but like the recipe writing, I struggle to find the time to get through it! So I’ve not had the chance to read much about Yotam. This sounds sublime though.


  2. Rachel – Thank you!

    David – Love the fact that The Guardian is all online too. I never buy paper papers now! This recipe is a definite keeper. It’s effortlessly beautiful.

    Bellini – He’s not a well known chef over here either but I reckon he will be.

  3. I’m hooked too, thanks to you.

    200g of butter for four does sound like A LOT though.

    Didn’t know ’bout the book! That’s made me a very happy girl…

  4. My heart has hardened seeing that 200g of butter, and not in a way that implies I’m emotionally vacant. That is an awful lot of fat, although I do love my rich sauces on my papperdelle pasta….

  5. Lucy – It’s a ridiculous amount! I used about 75g and even then had to use tongs to ensure the dish wasn’t drowning. It was amazingly good though. 🙂

    Annemarie – I know! It can be reduced considerably (as I said above, I only used 75g) but even so, I’d still view it as a treat!

  6. Have not heard of this chef, but popping over to the recipe, he is doing one hell of a job! This pasta looks great! Never heard of a bananna shallot, but I am sure a regular one will work. I like the color of the dish as I am sure it is from the saffron and tumeric and all that butter! So savory!
    I must say I think your photo looks better than his! Seriously!

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