Wild Garlic, Gooseberries… and Dennis Cotter

One of my favourite gifts this Christmas was Dennis Cotter’s new vegetarian cookbook, Wild Garlic, Gooseberries… And Me.  Full of stunningly earthy photographs; Slater-esque anecdotes; elegant recipes and a plethora of information about growing and preparing vegetables, it’s one of those cookbooks which I’m unsure whether to keep by the bed or in the kitchen.

Taking time and effort, the recipes in this book are generally not 30 minute, weekday dishes. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll enjoy spending time preparing these dishes and if you’re not, the results are worth it!  Everything I have tried out has been delicious and each dish has made dinner feel like an occasion. 

Here’s what I’ve made so far…

Watercress Hummus

Spring Cabbage Dolma of Pumpkin and Chickpeas with Sesame Yogurt Sauce

Chard, Lentil and Roast Tomato Gratin


17 thoughts on “Wild Garlic, Gooseberries… and Dennis Cotter

  1. They all look really good Wendy. I’ll have to check that book out, I haven’t really heard much about it up to now (though I keep seeing its pretty cover around!)

  2. It is so wonderful to find a book full of thoughtful writing as well as tantalising but practical recipes! This books manages both so effortlessly and beautifully. I still need to make some more recipes from Denis Cotter so thanks for some inspiration. Your photos make me want to share these meals with you!

  3. Gotta have the hummus recipe, please!!! Since the new year, hummus on these really, healthy, fiber full crackers has been the snack of the day for me, instead of the totally missed chocolate bar:( So a new recipe would make me smile again:)
    That book is on my list. I hope I can find it over here!

  4. Very Nice.

    Makes me long for green, Irish landscapes and to be able to forage for my own meals. How’s your garden growing?

    Gosh, those cabbage rolls look delectable.

  5. I love the book title (especially as I can pick wild garlic within a walking distance from the house). I’d be very keen on the watercress hummus recipe, too – it looks absolutely delicious!

  6. Everything looks so good. The title reminds me of picking goodberries and blackberries in our back gardens as a child. We loved to do it but I think my mom didn’t want to be pricked by the thorns.

  7. Peter – Haven’t heard of napa cabbage. Wonder if we call it something else… Will share recipe later in the week.

    Phantom Chef – I worried about that too. The puree of watercress is stirred through at the end and the peppery flavour just gives the hummus a nice heat.

    Sophie – Almost didn’t want this book as it looked TOO pretty. Like that Cloudberry Jam book. Beautiful but not terribly inspiring recipes.

    Johanna – Wish that you could!

    Pia – It is very pretty, isn’t it?

    Deb – Recipe on its way. I’m sure you could get the book through Amazon.com if it’s not available in stores over there.

    Lucy – Um, it’s not at the moment. It’s in hibernation. Will be planting again in Spring. 🙂 The cabbage rolls were my favourite.

    Pille – I need to work on my foraging skills… No idea what wild garlic looks like. Recipe on its way.

    Valli – Gooseberries thorns are the worst!

    David – Glad to oblige!

  8. All of your food looks soooooo yummy!!! I am such a big hummus fan-I think I might try my hand at that watercress variety!

  9. Aforkfulofspaghetti – Thank you! I adore the book the more I use it. The recipes can be quite fussy but I like that sometimes. 🙂

    Glitznvixen – Thank you! Will post the watercress hummus recipe very soon.

  10. My copy arrived today – it’s absolutely fantastic! And it’s great for all the variety of stuff I get in my veg box – for once, here’s a recipe book that uses all of them, and more. I can’t wait to get stuck in – so thank you SO MUCH for the recommendation! This is probably going to be my ‘best buy’ of 2008….

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