Mystery Vegetable # 2

Last year I posted a picture of a strange onion growing in my Dad’s garden.  He’d got the seeds from someone who’d got the seeds from someone who’d got the seeds from someone.  Neither Dad or his seed friend knew what they were but were happy to grow and eat them.

The above is my new mystery vegetable.  It’s not growing in any of our gardens this time.  Rather, I found several of them in a takeaway Thai red curry.  What is it?  It’s the size of a large pea and contains lots of little bitter seeds in a gooey liquid.  Any ideas?

I asked Rosie but she doesn’t know and she doesn’t care.


23 thoughts on “Mystery Vegetable # 2

  1. hi wendy,

    I wonder what it is?? never seen anything like it!!

    I have just tagged you for the ‘your it–meme’

    I have just completed mine!!

    love meg xxx

  2. I second the Thai pea aubergine guess! I have seen them for sale at Borough Market but have only had them in curries. I haven’t noticed the bitterness, I will look out for that next time. Did you like them?

  3. I second the pea aubergine. Did a quick google image search and definitely looks like it. You can buy jars of pickled ones in some Asian/Thai stores … really hot, spicy and bitter!

  4. Well, Sophie, you pipped me at the post. I fourth that!

    They’re pretty little things – I’ll get some at the market this week and show you (hopefully) what they look like uncooked!

    As Sophie says they are seriously bitter, but with all that hot, sweet, spicy stuff, they add a little something else.

  5. never seen anything like it in my life but when I first saw it I thought it was some sort of olive – but hope Lucy does post pics of them as you’ve got me curious now!

  6. Megan – Thank you! Will take a look and get to it when I get a moment. 🙂

    Sophie – Aha! I guessed “mini-aubergine” and was snorted at. Hah! Thank you.

    Joanna – Um, no. But that might just have been shock. I was eating a creamy, spicy curry and bit into what I thought was a pea and was not thrilled at the taste sensation. Will try them again though.

    Alex – Off to google search now. Thanks!

    Lucy – Can’t wait to see how you photograph them. Love the shadow thing you do.

    Johanna – I was confused too. By the by, wordpress is still spamming your comments. Don’t know why! Will keep checking spam bin so don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show immediately.

  7. What a strange little thing! I hate to imagine what Rosie thought it was!
    oh and..
    Wendy, I have nominated you for an Excellent Blog Award, so come over and collect it, but leave the weird pea thing behind!

  8. Julia – Thank you!

    Susan – It’s a pea aubergine apparently. Wonder if that means it’s just a mini aubergine…

    Katie – She’s very petable for sure. 🙂 Hope you see your girls soon.

    Deb – Lots of people say pea aubergine. Lucy is going to post about it on Nourish Me at some point so keep posted over there!

  9. I’ve had that accidental-pea experience as well and it’s not pleasant. I’ve learned to like them now that I’m prepared for them, but considering thai green curries make the top of my head literally radiate heat, thai curries are a dish that throws up as many challenges as pleasures for me.

  10. that is weird about the spam – it also seems to be happening with ricki at diet, dessert and dogs – it started when I was accessing the internet in a hotel in darwin – bleeding dogdy hotels!

  11. Annemarie – I’m going to have to try them again before I make a judgement, I think. 🙂

    Johanna – Ah, I was wondering if I’d done something odd to one of your comments.

  12. I live in Laos, but have been in Thailand too, and have definitely had those. I don’t like them but some people here just love bitterness for some reason. I looked up the Lao name and it’s “mak kheau khom” meaning bitter eggplant.

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