Best snack ever?


17 thoughts on “Popcorn

  1. But the kernels get stuck in your gums! I would say though that it is the most fun snack ever because I always loved hearing it popping when my mum made it for us as kids!

  2. Lucy – That sounds wonderful! I usually eat it plain but that might have to change.

    Johanna – True, true. But I’m willing to take the pain. 😉

    White on Rice – “cheese, salt, pepper, butter and nutritional yeast” – Wow, I can’t quite imagine that! Don’t even know what the last thing is!

    Annemarie – Even those cinema boxes? I can’t quite manage those…

    Rosa – Hee hee, so it does.

  3. Ultimate snack in our house. So many toppings but I just like good ol’ butter and salt! Mike likes the unpopped kernals at the bottom of the bowl. (I am always afraid of breaking a tooth on those). I remember a Holloween treat a neighbor of ours used to make – carmel popcorn balls! Oh yum!

  4. I am not a great fan of popcorn! I am rather addicted to Tesco’s Fizzy laces, since I found out they are jelly sweeties that contain no gelatine. Way to go, Tescos! I think your popcorn is much healthier, but I will cling on to my vice!

  5. Deb – Mike likes the unpopped kernels? How bizarre! I find them inedible.

    Holler – Strawberry laces remind me of sitting on swings when I was a kid. 🙂

  6. yes yes YES!

    Hot buttery salty popcorn… I used to go to the cinema just for an excuse to get some… But then I realised I could make my own – and it tasted even better!

    Parmesan could be interesting though…

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