The Easter Chicken Crust

It’s Easter Sunday and as I was tidying up after last night’s party I discovered this pizza crust.  Laughed so hard my hangover disappeared.

Off to Skye with Rosie for the next week.  “See” you all when I get back.  🙂


11 thoughts on “The Easter Chicken Crust

  1. That’s the most unusual hangover cure I’ve heard of! And amazingly one that’s less likely to make you puke than many of them 🙂

    Have fun with Rosie

  2. That’s a cute chicken:)

    Oh Skye, how lovely, give my regards to Dunvegan!

    Seems like we’re experience the same Easter weather here as you are…:/

  3. What a cute little peep! Are you going to try to sell it on E-bay?
    Oh how I remember snowy Easters in my past! But with all of those happy eggs to keep you company, it will be a fun day. Have a great week !!!!

  4. Sophie – It’s the best I’ve had too. FAR superior to eating two apples and an orange as fast as one can. Now that makes you ill.

    Gen – It’s cool, isn’t it!

    Pia – Did just that. Dunvegan says hello back. 🙂

    Joanna – Thank you!

    Deb – It went in the bin! Wish I’d thought of Ebay…

    Helen – Thank you!

    David – Thank you too!

    Eileen – Very happy you like it. 🙂

    Mallika – Message from the heavens, I think.

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