Three days on from my cake success and I’m still on a bit of a high.  I’ll be sharing the recipe and techniques later in the week (when I have more time) but for the moment let’s celebrate with a silly competition.

On my visit to Skye last month I picked up the above cookbook and I like it so very much I’ve decided to send one of you a copy too.   For those of you who haven’t heard of the author, Claire MacDonald is a celebrated Scottish chef who lives on an estate in southern Skye.  Her recipes are simple and unpretentious, using mainly seasonal local produce.  Though the book includes several meat based dishes, there’s plenty to interest all you herbivores too.

So, what do you have to do to be in with a chance of winning Seasonal Cooking?  Simple.  Just guess how many chickpeas there are in this jar.  🙂




Winner will be announced next Saturday.


49 thoughts on “Competition

  1. I absolutely love Clare Macdonald’s recipes – just fantastic. I would be thrilled with this book, I know. I guess 481 chickpeas. I can’t believe you counted them – it looks like a LOT of chickpeas!!

  2. Not going to guess, becuase I’ve already got this book – great competition, and good luck to you all, because Claire MacDonald is always worth reading. And how lovely to have been to Skye – did you go to her hotel/restaurant?


  3. My word, I hope this weekend hasn’t been spent in counting mode. I can only guess you weighed a single chickpea and then weighed the whole mass and divided, because otherwise I’d worry about how much leisure time you have on your hands. I’ll guess 638.

  4. Amy and I worked together on this one.

    Don’t worry, we showed our work:

    12 chickpeas showing on the bottom row (so 24 all the way around)…

    2 pi r = 24 chickpeas
    pi r = 12 chickpeas
    r ~= 4 chickpeas

    20 chick peas high…

    v (in chickpeas) = pi r^2 h
    v = pi * 16 * 20
    v ~= 1000 chickpeas

    1004.6 to be totally exact.

  5. This is fun! I haven’t actually counted the chickpeas yet. May have to enlist D’s help.
    Answer and winner announced on Saturday.

    Deb – Only one guess per person but if you’d like to make yours more specific then you can. 🙂

  6. Undoubtedly… 720. I used mathematics too, but not as well as Joel.

    I’m in the wrong country (USA), I think, for you to ship this to me, but thought I’d join in the fun & guess anyway. Love your blog & the dog pictures. Congratulations on the wedding cake!

  7. Oh how fun!……..let’s see….one…two…three…sixty four…one hundred ninety six… hundred eleven… thousand six hundred and twenty two to be exact !!
    There are one thousand six hundred and twenty two chickpea’s in that jar!
    Now send over that cook book please!! 😉

  8. Im guessing 672 chickpea’s

    I would also like to add that we are chuffed to bits with Wendy’s efforts in making our wedding cake – we cant wait to taste it on the day xx

  9. The chickpeas have been counted (after D had his guess, I should add).
    Number and winner to be announced on Saturday. I’ll ship anywhere on the planet!

  10. HMMMMMM!!!!!!!

    OK 13 for half cicumference making a circumference of 26:

    Circ = Pi * d so d = 8.26

    Area = pi * (r squared)

    Area = 3.14 * 16 ish

    Area = 54

    I guess that the height is not as much as 20 due to the “squished” factor, so:

    54 * 17 = 918 for a solid mass but due to the air gaps between I will apply a 10% reduction factor.

    My final guess therefore is 826. (WOOF!)

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