My Dog

Regular readers of this blog will know how I feel about dogs.  I love them.  I mean, I really really really love them.  They make me incredibly happy with their snuffling and padding, licking and pawing, stretching and bounding.  Though I’ve been lucky to have lots of dogs in my life –  Rosie, Rufus, Winston, Tammy and Mac – I haven’t had a dog of my own since I was a teenager. 

Except now I do. 

Pick him up on the first day of the summer holidays.  Pick him up in 33 days, 22 hours and 18 minutes.

How am I going to get to sleep until then??  🙂


32 thoughts on “My Dog

  1. Ooooohhh, how fabulous! He’s a beauty too – we had a black spaniel when I was little. Does he have a name yet or have you got 33 days to decide?

    A pet really makes a house a home too

  2. Can my girls (dogs) and I come to visit the new arrival? He’s sooooo cute… And they really like cute, little boy dogs… Big cows, that they are.

  3. Oh isn’t he lovely! Lets face it…your just not going to sleep are you? Rufus is really excited about having a new friend to play with. Im so chuffed for you, he is gonna be such a great wee pal to have around x

  4. Oh, adorable softie!! He is so cute I thought he was a she, sorry about that:) Congratulations, it must be totally exciting indeed!

    Malte would love to play with him, he loves pretty much everyone but he has a special soft spot for those longhaired extra fluffy ones:)

  5. Christina – Suspect this is going to be a looooonnnnnng month. 🙂

    Sophie – We’re thinking about names at the moment. Possibly Hamish or Douglas. 🙂

    Katie – Anytime!

    Gen – Can’t wait for them to meet! It’ll be hillarious.

    Pia – He is very pretty so I totally understand why you’d think he was a she. 🙂 And I’m sure he’d love to play with Malte too!

  6. The gorgeous dog’s name? We vote for Hamish. Douglas has unfortunate connotations in our family – although you would have to ask Andy the reason why!

  7. What a cute little dog Wendy – no wonder you’re smitten (I am too and “I’m not a doggy person” – being bitten by a neighbours black labrador has something to do it!)


  8. v v v exciting news – I bet you will be spending the next 33 days looking over your house with new eyes about how dog friendly it is and where he will sleep and what to feed him and getting everything ready to welcome him. Will he be an inside dog (all my family’s dogs were outside dogs)? and have you thought up a name yet!

  9. Shona – Sounds intriguing! Will have to remember to ask Andy.

    Tunesia – Thank you. Rosie is coming to stay for a while this summer. Wonder what she’ll think…

    Celia – My neighbour had a similar experience and is scared of dogs. She loved Rosie though. Hoping she’ll feel the same about my new arrival. 🙂

    Lucy – I knew you would be. He’s not only gorgeous but amazingly gentle and affectionate too. I just can’t stop smiling.

    Johanna – He’s one year old and already has a name. Unfortunately it has negative connotations for me. Apparently it will be fine to change his name since he’s moving to a new environment with a new owner. Possibilities are: Archie, Hamish or Douglas.

    Pat – Thank you! I’m terribly excited!

  10. Claire – 🙂

    Julia – I know!

    Alison – Archie seems to be winning at the moment…

    Sylvie – I’ve been dying to get one for a long, long time now. So very happy I’m now able too. 🙂

  11. He’s gorgeous! Rebus and Falco (both Cairn Terriers) think Archie, Hamish and Douglas are all good names; Rebus in particular thinks all dogs should have Scottish names, as he was named for Ian Rankin’s detective novel series.

    And how great that you’re taking him on at a year old. So many dogs don’t get a second chance …

  12. hi wendy,

    omg, he is adorable and what a sweetie. our dog was born on the first day of summer holidays 7 years ago! your summer hols will be great with him.
    our dog only spent a couple of weeks sleeping downstairs when we got her home, as soon as she was house trained, she got up stairs and has slept under our bed ever since. I could not be without her!

    we want pics when you bring him home :0

  13. Kay – Oh, I love Cairn terriers! They are such characters. Not sure why we’re so set on a Scottish name for our dog but we are Rebus is a great name. Love the books. 🙂

    Megan – Don’t worry, there will be LOTS of pictures!

  14. Holler – Think the cat next door might have something to say too. She tends to sleep in my garden in the afternoons. 🙂

    Lore – I know. I really do.

    Aforkfullofspaghetti – I’m trying to run around a lot during the day. Tire myself out, you know? And you love cockers too? They are wonderful wee things. So bouncy and affectionate.

  15. Wendy, so lovely! I love black cockers, since when I was born, that’s the dog we had. Josie had a wonderful temperament, but frowned on little girls running in the house. You’re going to have so much fun with this little guy.

    Archie sounds right to me. Congratulations!

  16. Oh how completely gorgeous!! I’ve been away – can’t believe I missed this exciting news! I am totally jealous and can’t wait to see more of your gorgeous pup!!

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