Parsley Cream

I’m quite proud of this photo.  Feel that it captures just how rich and luxurious the dish is.  And how simple too.  

Seriously, it couldn’t be easier. 

My only advice is to use white pasta (wholewheat doesn’t work here at all) and to resist adding vegetables to the pasta.  It really is beautiful eaten as is.  Serve with a salad on the side instead.  🙂

Parsley Cream Tagliatelle

(serves 2 hungry people)

4 heaped tablespoons of creme fraiche (or double/whipping cream)

1/2 a small garlic clove, crushed

Large handful of parsley leaves

Salt and pepper

200g tagliatelle (white pasta), cooked in salted water

  • Simple whizz up the cream, parsley and garlic in a food processor until a pale green, slightly speckled sauce is formed.  Season very carefully and stir through the cooked tagliatelli.

I ate this recently with a side salad of roasted asparagus and courgettes with fresh peas. 


24 thoughts on “Parsley Cream

  1. Yay! Someone who recommends using white pasta! I’m a whole grains gal, really I am. Except when it comes to pasta. I just can’t abide the wheat pasta. And you should be proud, Wendy; that’s a gorgeous pic.

  2. Rachel – Thank you! 🙂

    Susan – I do like wholewheat pasta, I really do. But not with creamy sauces. It’s just not right!

    Pia – It’s very luxurious. 🙂

    Antonia – Thank you. And I couldn’t agree more.

    Johanna – I have to fight the urge too sometimes!

    Helen – ‘Tis indeed. 🙂

    Jen – Oooh, lucky you. My garden parsley isn’t doing terribly well this year.

    Hippolyra – A good focus, I think. Think I’ll do the same in the coming weeks.

  3. I am not seeing the photo, huff 😦
    But, the recipe sounds great and could replace my simple feast of spaghetti with pesto, when Graham is out. Although that seem unfair as I think he would love it too!

  4. The picture is amazing and I have parsley gone crazy in my back yard – what a great way to use it up, as opposed to giving it to my sister for her pet rabbit.

  5. I was just panning on making a parsley sauce with sour cream. You are so right, we need to learn and enjoy again simple stuff. Love your photo!

  6. Oh, I’ve got loads – LOADS – of parsley going mad.

    It must be tamed. Wendy, this looks soothing and iron-rich.

    Am now craving summer like you would not believe…

  7. Holler – Ah, you have the same comfort food as me! Glad you saw the pic, eventually.

    Giz – As much as I love rabbits, parsley is wasted on them! 🙂

    Jane – Thank you!

    Aforkfullofspaghetti – Thank you!

    Lore – Couldn’t agree more. 🙂

    Lucy – Soothing is just the right word for this. Creamy and cool. 🙂

    Nora – Hello! And thank you!

  8. Melandroweb – It certainly is. 🙂

    Cempires – And they’re a real comfort food too.

    Coolpolitealex – Can’t say he complains much! But I’m the lucky one really. 🙂

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