Deeside, Donside and Chanterelles

We’ve been in Aberdeenshire for the last few days visiting castles with spectacular vegetable gardens, estates with beautiful white bridges and woods with clumps of saffron chanterelles.












20 thoughts on “Deeside, Donside and Chanterelles

  1. I laughed when the first thing you said about the castles is the vegetables gardens! The joys of food blogging!

    Lovely photos as always – good to see marco enjoying the outdoors albeit as a cone head – and I love the cute furry scottish bumblebees – we don’t have them like that in Australia – they are just plain nasty!

  2. Lovely photos Wendy. I always enjoy it when you share your photos 🙂 I see poor Marco still has his collar on. Poor thing, although I am sure he is getting used to it.

  3. Gorgeous pics, I love the bumblebee and the nest is gorgeous too. I don’t think I would have resisted drawing a face on the kohlrabi either – in fact, I am reassured that you did.

  4. Jane – I did. And many more! 🙂

    Johanna – Furry bumble bees are most definitely the best!

    AOF – We’re talking hours now…

    Zoe – I do. But then I read quite a lot of Australian blogs myself. Not sure why that is…

    Christina – Couldn’t ask for more than that. 🙂

    Kelsie – My neck too. I grew up in Blackburn. You?

    Holler – He’s a wee trouper, he really is. It comes off tomorrow though!

    Helen – I didn’t draw that! It was just the way the droplets of water fell. Hee hee – just laughed my behind off!

    Barb – I really have. 🙂

    Pia – Thank you! x

  5. OHHHH SO lovely. I called my husband over to look over my shoulder and he said OHHH looks just like it did from the train. I am so jealous that he’s been to Scotland and I have not. Maybe one day.

    We are actually on a little holiday ourselves. Staying in a “cabin by the lake” for a few days in honor of my birthday and our 31st anniversary that he will miss due to work.

    Your blog is always such a pleasure!

  6. Notquitejuneclever – One day, indeed! Let me know when that day is and I’ll show you some stuff off the tourist trails. 🙂
    Happy anniversary!

    Starwoodgal – Thank you very much. 🙂

  7. You really do take stunning pictures – scrolling down them is a real pleasure. Loved your happy dog making the best of his encumbrance, after all, he doesn’t know if he’s got to wear it forever!
    Wendy (Wales)

  8. What fantastic pictures! They really convey the history of this magical era and place.
    AND I love purple kohlrabi!! It’s huge! I made some crisp kohlrabi chips once….just delicious!

  9. Kelsie – Lol! I love Aberdeen but, I have to admit, it is a labour sometimes. 🙂

    Wendy – Thank you very much. 🙂 He got it off today!!!

    White on Rice – Sometimes I forget just how much history is around me here. Great to be reminded. And I’m with you on the purple kohlrabi! 🙂

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