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After a long, lazy summer of dog walking and faffing about, I went back to work today.  The first week of term is always extremely hectic so I don’t see many posts being written in the coming days.  I’ll leave you with a link which may interest those of you who enjoy my own pictures of Scotland.

Our friend and D’s hill-walking buddy has a blog where he shares his beautiful pictures of Scotland’s moors and mountains.  If you like the above picture, you’ll love his site here.


10 thoughts on “Photography Blog

  1. Oh I’m so going to pop over to your friend’s blog, I loved that picture when I saw it in your Flickr album! Gorgeous!

    Hope your first week back to work is going well!

  2. lovely photo and your friend has some lovely photos on his blog from a quick look – you seem to really have got about a bit during your holidays. Good luck with getting back into work – I bet marco will be pleased to see you after work

  3. Hi Wendy, I hope your first week back goes smoothly.
    I have bought in ingredients for your Cauliflower and Chanterelle Pie. I couldn’t get chanterelles, so I am going to use bog standard mushrooms, but I think it will still be yummy!

  4. Knitplaywithfire – So do I. 🙂

    Pia – I was struck by it at first sight too!

    Sophie – Yeah, we’ve been building up to it so it wasn’t a shock but he doesn’t love it.

    Johanna – He’s usually sleeping when I get home. It’s really good fun waking him up and giving him a cuddle when he’s still so dozy!

    Helen – Thank you! 🙂

    Pat – It is a bit fab, isn’t it?

    Holler – Hope you enjoyed it!

    Mallika – I’ve hired a dog walker and bought a mountain of toys for him. That plus a long walk in the morning and eveing seems to keep him happy. 🙂

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