Marco Pics

Enjoying the weekend and my new Ottolenghi cookbook.  Will post something substantial tomorrow.  Until then, here’s a few of my my favourite recent Marco photos.  

He’s a dog of many faces, I think.


12 thoughts on “Marco Pics

  1. Oh he’s lovely, so photogenic too! I have the Ottolenghi book also, and I absolutely love it. It’s where I got my current obsession with poppy seeds from )because of the cucumber salad).

  2. Pia – Isn’t he? 🙂

    Lucy – David and I have been trying to name all the faces. It’s an impossible job!

    Cynthia – It really is. I’m so proud of him. 🙂

    Helen – It’s fantastic, isn’t it? I made the chicken and rice salad tonight and it was by far the best rice salad I’ve ever made.

    Kelsie – Oh, I’m jealous! Will have to try that soup soon.

    Christina – I told him. He’s blushing.

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