The Fridge Door Competition

A picture on Lucy‘s Flickr page at the weekend reminded me how much I love to nosey at other people’s fridge doors.  I adore the photos and post-its and recipes and silly magnets that crowd together or stand alone telling me more than I knew before about the fridge’s owner. 

My own door (above) doesn’t have quite enough silly magnets and as a result the pictures and paper that I have stuck to the fridge don’t always stay stuck and on many a day I can be heard swearing as I pick them up off the floor yet again.  But I always put them back on.

So here’s what I’d like you to do: email me a picture of your fridge door along with your name and location before Saturday, 27th September 2008.  If you have a blog then you might want to post it on there too and link back here.  Then again you might not.  

On Sunday, 28th September, 2008 I will post all of the photos on this site and select a winner at random.    The prize will be a copy of either the wonderful Ottolenghi Cookbook or the equally fabulous Greens Cookbook.  Your choice.  🙂

Email your entries to: wjharrison77 (at) aol (dot) com


26 thoughts on “The Fridge Door Competition

  1. What a really neat idea for a competition! I see that you have a magnet from primoriginals, which tells me that you have good taste, if I didn’t know that before…;)

    Once upon a time I was way nosier than looking at people’s fridge doors, I’m not even going to reveal how. But my favourite thing to have a well-behaved snoop around when I visit someone is their bookshelves (people I like the best have heaps of bookshelves jampacked with a varied kind of literature) and what kind of music they listen to. From now on I think I’ll have a closer look at the fridge door too!

  2. Well, I am, of course, in. Great idea.

    Jo will be thrilled that she’s inspired an event – she’s probably the worst cook I know!

    Off to re-arrange things ever-so-slightly now…

  3. I have just looked at my fridge and wondered if I can share the clutter – really it is just as bad as the rest of my kitchen but the shame of it is that it is hard to see some of the cool fridge magnets I have acquired – but the challenge sounds fun so will see how I go

  4. Pia — I’m with you. I’m afraid I always snoop around people’s bookshelves if there are bookshelves in the room I’m in. I love to see what fascinates other folks and what they read. My house is filled to brimming with books.

    Fridge doors are fun too!

  5. What a great idea! Are we allowed to make our fridges look cooler/more thoughtful/tider before we photograph them?!

    V cute pictures of Marco yesterday 🙂

  6. Pia – Ah, yes – the bookshelf. Windows to the soul. 🙂 Hope you’ll be joining in the comp! And I discovered primoriginals through you. It’s wonderful. Thank you.

    Sylvie – Look forward to receiving that!

    Lucy – Tell Jo, thank you for the idea. 🙂

    Johanna – Do, do, do share!

    Christina – Received. Thank you!

    Erynn – Glad to hear I’m not the only nosey one.

    Lysy – You can do anything you want, m’dear. 🙂

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  8. I think if I share my fridge magnet, people will think I have criminals for children. My son has a bizarre sense of humour and seems to think that a magnet that says “That’s Queen Bitch to You” is pretty funny. I actually treasure it 🙂

  9. Hi Wendy, this sounds like fun. I am looking forward to seeing all the entries. Alas, my fridge is built in and beind a cabinet door, so there is nothing of interest on it.

  10. Giz – That’s hillarious! Take a picture!

    Kelsie – Hope you’ll be joining in. 🙂

    Susan S – Hello! Blank fridges are welcome too. Dazzle us with the gleam. 🙂

    Holler – Aw, that is a shame. What a sleek kitchen you must have.

  11. Fab idea!

    I am going to email you the pic in a sec, I am waiting for my pics to download.

    Found your blog when looking for a muffin recipe, the raspberry poppy seed ones look yummy!


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  16. OH yay! I’m going to go take a picture of my fridge and email it to you! (Today’s blog post is taken up by the Daring Baker challenge, but I’ll definitely mention the roundup tomorrow!

  17. Sounds fun 🙂 Couldn’t have participated anyway – our fridge is hidden behind a wooden panel, so it looks like all other kitchen cabinets. Otherwise it would have a sticker or two, I guess…

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