The Weekend





Thanks to Gen for the photos!


16 thoughts on “The Weekend

  1. What a couple of darlings!

    And I too will be getting a puppy soon. Excitement, nerves, all those good things. It will be good to have a pair of nice brown eyes following my every move again though. It will be another Welsh Springer Spaniel. Can’t stay away from those spaniels!

  2. Aren’t dogs the most beautiful creatures! We have two pomeranians ,Basil and Miki, but Basil is about 19 now and Miki 10 so there’s not agreat deal of running around here.
    I find your photos spectacular -they remind me so much of the scenery in Scotland when we were there in 1996. We spent a week in Invermoriston on Loch Ness and never once did we see Nessie -far too cold.
    I was introduced to your blog by my daughter ,Lucinda(Lucy) from Nourish me . I’m so glad she did.

    Yvonne Dodds

  3. All ears and tongues flapping in the wind. Happy, happy campers. Wonderful photos, every one of them. Tramping through the countryside is my idea of a *very* good weekend. : }

  4. Antonia – September light is my favourite too. 🙂

    Kay – Feels like it too!

    Holler – He’d been running around for hours and hours. Don’t understand why he didn’t collapse.

    Wendy – Thank you. 🙂 Marco needs a haircut actually…

    Lucy – I love how pink the end looks with the sun shining through it!

    Kimj – How exciting! Pictures please!

    Marie – I’m so glad. Could receive no greater compliment than that. 🙂

    Helen – This was an awful Monday, wasn’t it? Glad I eased it a little.

    Gen – 😀

    Yvonne – Hello and a very warm welcome. Feel like I know your daughter, I adore her blog so much. 🙂 Pomeranians are adorable. Close family friends had one until very recently and I really miss his fiesty fluffiness.

    Susan – My idea of a perfect weekend too. Not to mention Marcos!

    Heidi – Glad you like them. 🙂

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