My Madrid

A few people have asked me for recommendations on where to go and what to do in Madrid.  Must say, I feel entirely under-qualified to do such a thing for this was my first trip to the city and a short one at that.  But is was a wonderful weekend and I did discover some absolute gems.  So here they are: my own personal favourites from a short but highly pleasurable trip to Madrid  🙂

My Favourite Tapas 

La Casa del Abuelo (Grandad’s House).  Their garlic and chilli prawns were to die for.

My Favourite Place for Breakfast 

El Brilliante in Atocha.  The churros con chocolat here were perfect.  Crisp doughnuts and thick, not-too-bitter hot chocolat.

My Favourite Early Evening Spot 

Hmmm, don’t know the name of this bar but it’s located across the square from the main entrance of the Reina Sofia Museum, near the above mentioned El Brilliante.  It has a “Y” in the name….  Anyway, it’s a wonderful place to watch people going into the museum (free from 6pm – 9pm), hanging out on the square or draping over their balconies.  And they serve you wine in very cool little glasses (see picture above).  Small things..

My Favourite Late Night Spot 

Plaza Santa Ana.  Stunning, vibrant square with lots of outdoor seating. 

My Favourite Museum

Reina Sofia.  What can I say?  I prefer modern art.

My Favourite Surprise

Atocha train station.  There’s a rainforest in the train station!  Really!  With terrapins!  Superb.

 My Favourite Stroll

Well, we used this walking tour one of the mornings and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Make sure you map it out first though.  We didn’t and got more than a little confused at times.

My Favourite Other Thing

El Rastro flea market.  Takes place every Sunday morning.  HUGE and full of tat.  Great fun.  🙂

9 thoughts on “My Madrid

  1. Reckon the Reina Sofia is my favourite museum in the world.

    So pleased you loved Madrid – isn’t the Platza Santa Ana amazing at night? And the palace, all lit up, is rather cool, too.

  2. Anh – Thank you!

    Pia – And to you too. 🙂

    Holler – It was indeed.

    Lucy – Doesn’t surprise me at all. 🙂

    Lucy V – Oh good. Enjoy.

    Maninas – Hello stanger! And thank you.

    Giz – Yes, more than a few belts being tightened these days.

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