Dog Blogging


10 thoughts on “Dog Blogging

  1. Beautiful dogs 🙂
    We’re in Sussex doing the dog thing and the teacher thing. Very stylish blog you have. I’m going to BR you (nothing to do with trains).

  2. Pia – She’s a looker!

    Hilary – Thank you very much! Always lovely to meet another dog blogger.

    Jane – You’d like paws like her? 😉

    Holler – Just had to get her paws. They are so teddy bear like!

    Lysy – They really would. Neither Marco nor Rosie is terribly fond of felines…

    Gen – Yes… Rufus could cause chaos anywhere!

    Sylvie – I’ll keep posting pictures so that you can live vicariously. 🙂

    Shona and Lucas – Any more pictures or dogs? Either way, yes!

    Kimj – Don’t know Cute Overload. Off to find out about it. 🙂

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