We’ve been dog/house-sitting for the last few days.  Great fun – especially when the three dogs are Irish Wolfhounds and the views from the house are as spectacular as these:



17 thoughts on “BFGs

  1. I was thinking, ‘Wow, what great views they have in the States, and what lovely houses, and all that space.’ And then I remembered you live in Scotland! Fab photos and gorgeous dogs.

  2. Irish Greyhounds are such lovely dogs. I adore them. Sure wouldn’t want to have to feed them all that food… what is it, six cups a day or something?

    Gorgeous house and gorgeous couch with dogs on it!

  3. Gorgeous views and I love those dogs, they look so friendly and fairytailish – and I do have an extra soft spot for shaggy dogs:) – I bet they eat a lot though…:) What did Marco think of them?

  4. Hilary – That’s funny. 🙂 The views were gorgeous, mind.

    Johanna – He was tiny in comparison!

    Kimj – They were such gentle giants and just slept and slept all day. They did love their food though!

    Salena – They’re like something out of Lord of the Rings, I think. 🙂

    Pia – Marco would have liked them to be a bit more playful but they got on well. And Marco was totally the boss!

    Holler – I know but (as I said to Pia) he was the boss of them!

    Antonia – That’s one of my favourites too. Looks like he’s saying – take me home… please. But he really wasn’t.

  5. They are enormous. Look at Marco compared to them!

    Gentle beasties, though, I gather. Can’t believe there were four of ’em.

    Beautiful views. Stunning. Scotland’s a calling, I think…

  6. Lord of the Rings is EXACTLY what they made me think of! I didn’t know if that would be offensive to the pups’ owners so I didn’t say anything. LOL

  7. Lucy – Very gentle, though they sent me flying a couple of times by nudging me for a cuddle. 🙂
    Listen to that call, m’dear! Come see us!

    Salena – The names of three of the dogs are Mystery, Sword and Merlin – suspect the owner would be delighted out associations!

  8. What gig beautiful dogs! You would need to wear at huge cloak and silver jewels to do them justice – so their names are no surprise! I’m so pleased Marco liked them too – cool !

    Celia 🙂

  9. Wow! Those dogs are amazing. I love them. I’ve a lurcher that looks like a wolfhound, only smaller. I think they may be a little too big for me, but they’re gorgeous. All soft and furry!

    CP x

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