This Morning


18 thoughts on “This Morning

  1. No snow here yet, but it was pretty nippy tonight when I was cycling home from work. I guess we might just get the first night of frost tonight. It looks so pretty. Are you overlooking the Black Isle?

  2. Wow. Those pictures are absolutely stunning. So, you really live there don’t you? This actually makes me want to leave the city (and that is saying something).

  3. Have I told you before how stunning your pictures are – yes – every time I comment!

    These and the previous post of the dogs are wonderful to look at.

    Wendy (Wales)

  4. Well I’m so glad someone else is sharing my experience of looking out the window and seeing snow. I’m getting my cave ready for hibernation.

  5. Pia – He adored it! First he tried to eat it all then he was happy just dancing through it. So cute.

    Celia – I know!

    Kelsie – According to this morning’s paper – yes! However, it does make front page news. :-S

    Lucy – Me too. My favourite weather by far.

    Sylvie – This is taken on my drive to work. At this point we’re on the Black Isle looking over the Cromarty Firth towards Ross-shire.

    Helen – I do. Not in that exact sppt, you understand, but this is my drive to work.

    Johanna – My classroom is a basement. 😦

    Anh – Thank you!

    Wendy – Thank you so much. You really are too sweet.

    Erynn – Thank you. 🙂

    AOF – Ashamed to say I haven’t. I did run through a blizzard like a mad thing though. Does that count?

    Sarah – The tiniest flake has me bouncing with excitement so your little spot would have too. 🙂

    Giz – Don’t hibernate! Enjoy!

  6. I wish the scenery in Paris looked like that right now. It’s grey, wet and miserable in Paris at the moment. The kind of weather you just want to stay in bed all day long.

  7. I don’t know how you explained that to Marco! I bet he was surprised! It must be much colder up there. We haven’t had snow here yet, but it is cold and I am in my winter woolies now.

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