A Necessary Bath

Won’t tell you what he rolled in…


6 thoughts on “A Necessary Bath

  1. Pia – Lucky you! This is a new thing for Marco. Twice in the last week it has happened though. 😦

    Kathryn – Shhhh, don’t encourage him!

    Gen – I reckon it was Rufus who taught him this. 😉

  2. Some are worse than others! But I think spaniels in general are really good at sneaking off & rolling in something nasty. I put Ricky (now 11 years old) into a icy cold stream once, because I didn’t want whatever he rolled in to be in my car. Yucky yuck! Now I have a crate, so at least it would be confined to the crate & I wouldn’t have to put him in the stream again….

    Boy did he look miserable. Didn’t connect the dots either as to why this was happening….

  3. I usually don’t even really want to know what they have rolled in when they smell “like that”. Hasn’t happened for a long time, I fear writing about it might make it happen this afternoon…

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