Happy New Year to You All!

New Year’s Plans

  • Run
  • Be more sociable
  • Camp
  • Play guitar
  • Go to a new country
  • Get Marco to stop barking at my neighbours’ granddaughters (two gorgeous wee redheads that my pup can’t stand!)
  • Climb a couple of Munros
  • Drink less wine
  • Bake more bread
  • Update:  sing more

And yourselves?  Any plans?


31 thoughts on “Happy New Year to You All!

  1. Love your photo – Robins are particularly loved by E’s family and make me think of Scotland! Great list too. I’m not good at new year’s resolutions but I will join you in wishing to bake more bread

  2. Happy new year Wendy! I love that plump little robin! As far as resoutions go, I don’t know really. How could I pack anything else in? Hmm, exericise more I suppose. As I write this I am in my gym outift but obviously I haven’t got very far!

  3. Happy New Year Wendy!
    Great Photo!
    In 2009 I plan to learn to cook better, lose a few pounds (groan!) and see more of my family and friends.

  4. Happy New Year Wendy!

    I have “be more sociable” on my list for 2009 too. Haven’t worked out what the others will be yet but ideally nothing too strenuous so that I have the time and energy for the be more sociable bit!

  5. What a gorgeous picture! I just love to see a robin – they are such bold birds.

    Bread is on my list too – I’ve never made a loaf that I’ve been truly happy with and I’m determined to rectify that in 2009.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Happy New Year, darls! Gosh, he just about took my breath away, your robin…

    Running with more energy is on top of my list. The wine thang, too.

    Also…write the book that I am supposed to have been writing all this time. (Ack! Saying it out loud here means I have to now, doesn’t it? Which means time spent offline and totally on my own…will be a good, solitary discipline. One I am, now, and only now, ready for.)

    Keep working on the idea of being brave enough to show my work publically. Scary. But good.

    Singing is very underrated. Sing, out loud, in public – somewhere unexpected – at least once. People will love you for it!

    Um…what are munros?

  7. Magic! Like a page from a book of fairytales.

    How did you ever get so close? Is he real or just frozen?

    We thought our Rainbow Lorikeets and Kookaburras were gorgeous but he takes the cake.

    Happy New Year and best of luck with your plans.

  8. Johanna – Wonderful. I have a really good rye bread recipe to share soon.

    Kelsie – Ah, Cesar. He’s my hero. 🙂

    Helen – The gym on New Year’s Day? Impressive!

    Mandy – Best of luck with them! Let me know how you get on!

    Sophie – Glad to hear I’m not the only hermit!

    Shona – Solitary running in Cairo? That’s a resolution and a half. Happy New Year to you and your boys. xxx

    Antonia – I hadn’t until recently either. Hooked now!

    Lucy – Some hefty aims there, m’dear! What’s the book about? I’m intrigued…
    A Munro is a Scottish hill over 3000 ft. In comparison to most countries our hills are dwarves but they are beautiful and the views are spectacular. I’ve only done two Munros so far. Complained the whole way up then was so exhilerated at the top that I forgot how hard it was and couldn’t wait to do the next!

    Amanda – LOVELY to hear from you. Miss you too. Come back!

    Zoe – Lol! Be nicer to stangers or people you know or bother?

    Yvonne – Happy New Year to you too! Robins are very bold little birds. When I’m out walking with Marco often one will hop along just feet in front of him like it’s coming for a walk with us. 🙂

  9. Happy New Year, Wendy!!!

    I didn’t make a list this year, but I can relate to yours. Less wine and more running for me, I think. And better work life balance (= be less grumpy with my partner).

    I hope that you had a fab start to 2009.

    x nora

  10. Great fat Robin photo! He’s really cute.

    As for New Year Plans….
    1. Have to run since we are doing a 5K together…there…now I cant back out!
    2. Not sure about drinking less wine – that depends how much time I spend in your company 😉
    3. Go to college & do a photography course
    4. Get a kennel buddy for Rufus

    G xx

  11. Nora – Thank you! Glad the less wine thing is not just me!

    Julia – And to you too!

    Wendy – Thank you and a Happy New Year to you too!

    Yvonne – 🙂 She must have been one of the few who didn’t. So many Australian readers have commented on that programme!

    Cynthia – And to you too!

    Gen – What if we ran first then drank wine? 😉

    Cynthia – Hello & welcome & thank you!

    Anna – Thank you. He’s not quite as lovely as your dog though. 🙂

  12. Have been a mostly silent but appreciative fan of your blog – love the pictures and all. I’m with you on sociability and bread-baking – I’m adding write more on mine – thanks for the inspiration. All the best for 2009!

  13. I only discovered your blog late last year, but I have really enjoyed it, especially your photos – I love Scotland. I don’t know about climbing a few munros – I live in Australia! Bread is on the agenda and possibly some sort of evening college course. Pottery perhaps. And more exercise.
    Happy New Year!


  14. happy new year wendy!

    loving your plans for 2009, I was just thinking about my list!!! hmmmm

    ps. you could sing more and play guitar with the band on guitar heros world tour, great game!! we go it for christmas!!

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  16. Sally – Hello! All the best to you too! 🙂

    Heather – Hello! Pottery sounds good but I hate the way my hands feel all dry afterwards… Goodness, I haven’t worked with clay since I was a kid. I can still remember how much I hate that feeling though. :-S

    Megan – Oh, if only I had a Wii…

  17. Dear Wendy,

    Some dogs just have problems with children, but will quiet down & make nice when the children themselves are quiet & calm and approach calmly. My own dear Bridie had several bad encounters with children, including one that screamed and ran whenever she was near, which reduced her tolerance for children of any kind.

    But children with chicken in their hands… oh yes, good children!

    I’d rather try Victoria’s methods, she of Its the Dog or Me (not sure I have the spelling or punctuation correct), not Milan’s. Just my two cents or pence!

    Rosy Ro loves children, and was raised in a day care, which I think helps. I plan to socialize her heavily as possible with all varieties of people. Taking her to a local museum with loads of children around should help, as we get busloads nearly every day, and they adore her. Will need to wear her out so no nipping happens. (coff)

    Plans : growing up Rosy the new pup, of course. 😉 Picked up a new cat condo for Annie, so Rosy can’t pull her tail anymore… poor Annie! so that’s one goal accomplished for the new year. 😉

  18. Sounds like a good set of resolutions – and I must say, along with everybody else, that your wee birdie picture there is quite striking!

    Going to join a choir? Glasgow University has one. Says our conductor:

    I’m very much looking forward to conducting you next semester for our ‘Haydn Anniversary Concert’ on Sunday 15th March 2009 in the University Memorial Chapel (7.30pm).

    The programme includes 3 choral works:-
    Insanae et vanae curae
    The Storm, Hob. XXIVa:8
    Mass in B flat, Hob. XXII:10, Missa Sancti Bernardi von Offida (Heiligmesse)
    plus the Organ Concerto in C, Hob. XVIII:1 with Peter Yardley-Jones as soloist

    Weekly rehearsals begin again on Thursday 15th January, 5.15-7.00pm in the University Concert Hall. Please turn up promptly at 5pm for enrolment, signing out of music etc.

  19. Kimj – I have Victoria’s book. Gorgeous pictures in it! Marco does take to children who come to the house. He just has a fear of loud small children passing the garden or on walks. They totally freak him out!

    DaviMack – Thanks for the info! I live in Inverness though so Glasgow might be a little far for choir practice! Not very good with group activities anyway. By “sing more” I really meant in the shower/garden/kitchen/car. 🙂

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