A friend who works in a winter sports shop was offered a bag of tatties in lieu of cash for servicing a customer’s skis.  He said, alrighty and goods and services were exchanged.

I’m not sure why this tickles me so much.  It really does though.

Lucky me – I got some of the potatoes.  Tattie recipes coming up!

7 thoughts on “Tatties

  1. Oh lovely, fresh potatoes are a wondrous thing. On Christmas day our roast potatoes were made from Nicolas out of dad’s garden. The best roasties ever.

    My parents even wrapped some up and gave to Richard as a present. That’s how highly prized they are in our house!

  2. Our currencies aren’t worth much – at least bartering gives you a chance to get to know who you’re dealing with. What’s old becomes new again.

  3. What a brilliant story! Just stumbled across your blog (via the non-political blog roundup) and couldn’t resist commenting because I too was tickled by it!

    I’ve also just realised I used to work with Faye, who did your blog artwork. Small world!

    Domestikate x

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