Ottolenghi’s Two Potato Curry

The New Vegetarian is a weekly column in The Guardian written by Yotam Ottolenghi.  Each week this jaw-droppingly talented chef publishes a beautiful vegetarian recipe and every week I look forward to trying it out. 

The most recent recipe was for the below Two Potato Vindaloo.  I made it on Sunday afternoon to eat for lunches this week at school and I have to say I was absolutely blown away. 

By far, this is the best vegetarian curry I have eaten.  Ever.

The recipe is here.  The only changes I made were the following and most were simply because of pantry constraints:

  • I used tinned tomatoes rather than fresh.
  • I omitted fenugreek
  • Floury potatoes were used instead of waxy.  Loved the texture.
  • White wine vinegar was used instead of cider vinegar.
  • And I added the spice mix after the ginger and chilli.  Is it just me or does the recipe not specify when you should add the spices?? 

Hmmm.  Just checked that last point again and it does now say when to add the spices.  Perhaps it always did…  Ah well, nevermind.  It’s not like I’m an English teacher or anything….  ahem.

20 thoughts on “Ottolenghi’s Two Potato Curry

  1. Makes you wish you lived in London, right? (Love the book, I must say)

    Bookmarked for colder days. Weather playing havoc at the ‘mo. Too hot even for your tatties. Soon. Can’t wait.

  2. Looks like an interesting curry (although when I hear you were blown away I hope it was with joy rather than heat!) – makes me wish I could get more organised about making food ahead of time to let the spices mingle!

  3. This sounds really good. I’m just getting started in the world of Indian cuisine at home, but love sweet potatoes and all of the spices included. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  4. 1. A TEACHER

    OH PLEEEEASE!!!!!!

    At this time of year your feet must be really cold in those sandals!


  5. That sound really good! I need to make more effort with my lunches, I am having sandwiches to often. I fear using the microwave at work as it is most likely quite putrid with all the meaty dishes that are cooked in it and I have never seen anyone clean it.

  6. Lucy – It almost does. Not quite though. 😉

    Johanna – I left them only for the time it took to get everything else ready and they were just fine. Never heard of mingling time… Sounds friendly.

    Siri – You’re very welcome. It’s a delight to make and your kitchen will smell amazing!

    Rosie – Lol! I think prisons should be nicer too. 😛

    Soe – Or Zoe, even – How did I miss that chickpea recipe??? Shall be making that on Sunday for next week’s lunches.

    Aforkfullofspaghetti – There’s nothing “just” about this curry at all. Seriously. It’s fantastic.

    Holler – Hmmm. Yes, that does sound off-putting. I often make bulgar or lentil salads for lunch. No heating required! Shall post a recipe soon.

    Hippolyra – I’m the same. There are so many things in the book worth trying and I’m not even halfway through doing so.

  7. Hi Wendy,
    Thanks for calling by my blog and your lovely comment. I like the sound of that recipe and will definitely give it a try (two of us don’t eat meat in our household)
    Let me know if you take up sewing!
    Gina x

  8. Pia – Be tempted. It’s very straightforward and really, really good.

    Ricki – Let me know what you think!

    Gina – I most certainly will. I’m quite scruffy in all that I do so I suspect I’d find it pretty challenging!

    Mallika – Ah. Good. Thought I was going mad. 🙂

  9. Of course this gets my attention as I love Indian flavours. I don’t eat potatoes very often, but you’ve been posting some mighty tempting potato recipes and I am craving them now.

  10. “Is it just me or does the recipe not specify when you should add the spices?”

    No – it’s not you. I have the printed version, ripped out from the magazine, and it definately doesn’t say when to put the spice mix in – very annoying. I didn’t realise at first, and just added it after the water – halfway through the first simmering. Fingers crossed that it will come out all right.

    Just did a quick google search to see if anyone else noticed the error and came across your log. Very good – shall keep an eye on it in the future. Congrats.

  11. Making this now’ following Guardian page and you are right – no mention of when to add spices – hey ho! Smells divine though!

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