Baked Gnocchi

This isn’t a recipe so much as a revelation.

You know that stodgy, pre-packed gnocchi you can buy in supermarkets?  Well, until just recently I thought it was absolutely inedible.  Then I discovered the joys of baked gnocchi. 

Simple stir your cooked gnocchi and a green (I used rocket but spinach is good too) through lots of (preferably) home-made tomato sauce and sprinkle with a moderate amount of Parmesan cheese.  Bake at 190oC for 30 minutes or until the cheese has crisped up.

The formerly plasticine-like gnocchi go all crisp on top and all moist and soft underneath.  Yum!  Lovely jubbly with a big  green salad.

Hmmmmm.  Now I really want some plasticine to play with.  Or Fimo!  That would be amazing…


16 thoughts on “Baked Gnocchi

  1. You know just the other day I bought some pre-packed gnocchi for the first time in AGES, thought how gluey and just downright bad it was, and vowed never to buy it again.

    I love gnocchi and though I know it’s not a lot of effort to make it at home, I still can’t bring my self to do it after work. That’s the sort of cooking I save for the weekend. This looks like a good mid-week compromise!

  2. This looks delicious! Gnocchi is one thing I’ve always wanted to make from scratch but I’m too intimidated, so I usually only order it at restaurants. I’ll have to try your recipe.

  3. Joanna – I had vowed not to buy it again too but it was on offer and I’d had this idea. Very glad I did!

    Domestikate – It’s not difficult to make but it does take a little practise. This dish would be divine with home-made gnocchi but for a week-night meal the store-bought stuff is absolutely fine.

    Salena – I love making gnocchi but it always feels like a project. One for the weekend, I think.

    Johanna – I’ve never baked home-made gnocchi. Will definitely try it out.

    Celia – It was wonderfully warming. 🙂

  4. Making the tomato sauce now with tomatoes from the garden. Even though it’s allegedly “high summer” we’re having a cold spell, and looking forward to a snuggly dinner 😉

  5. Gnocci as Fimo. Hmm. Yup – storebought would be like that, wouldn’t it?

    It’s funny: mashed tatties, formed into little lumps = gnocci. You’d think they’d go over well in the UK. 😉

  6. I love gnocci but i struggle with what to serve it with?

    we sometimes have it with nigella’s pork chop and wholegrain mustard, but we were getting fed up with that!!
    thanks for recipe will put it my menu plan for next week xx

  7. Gen – How could I forget???

    Boblachor – It was a lovely surprise to make something tasty out of something awful!

    Zoe – Hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

    Davi – I know. Maybe it’s just that the storebought stuff is pretty grim when just boiled. And making your own isn’t for many folk.

    Megan – Enjoy! 🙂

  8. Liked it so much I’m making it again right now, with big fat beefsteak tomatoes and rainbow chard.

    Pennypincher, have you tried some chunks of roasted pumpkin and goat cheese, or burnt butter and sage with parmesan? nom nom nom

  9. Hi Wendy,
    Just googled a baked gnocchi recipe and found this, can’t believe I didn’t think to check out your site first – this must have been a recipe from before I started following your blog.

    I’ve got all these ingredients so will be trying this tonight.

  10. Gnocchi is (are?) fab! The secret, however, is never to boil it, but to crisp it up in the frying pan with a splash of olive oil. I used to boil it first then fry it, then one day tried missing out the boiling stage. A relevation indeed. Only takes a few minutes and you no longer have the stodgy awfulness of the boiled version, but brown, crisp yumminess that will go much better with whatever you serve it with.

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