I’m moving house at the end of next month and am rather excited about it.  Mostly because the view from the bottom of my garden will be this:

38 days to go!

P.S. Thanks to my Dad for these photos.


39 thoughts on “Countdown

  1. How fabulous Wendy. I’m moving in 2 days . . . but the view is nothing like yours. Much more inner City and urban . . . although I am looking forward to it very much!

  2. Oh Wendy! I’m so, so excited for you. You’ll never get over that view and the everchanging play of light. I’m looking forward to many, many photos of it and reading the adventures of your new-home-making.

  3. Deb – You can count on lots of snaps. 🙂

    Gen – Me too! Spare bed shall be made up for you always.

    Pia – Oh dear. Hope it’s fading. 🙂

    Celia – Yes, sandy paws galore, I suspect.

    Kathryn – I always like moving. It’s fun to set up house again. 🙂

    Lucy – I’m glad it made you smile. Aside from the shoreline, this place has a much bigger garden than my current one so I suspect Marco will love it.

    Johanna – Have the veggie garden all planned out. First hint of sunshine and I’ll be out there!

    Christina – Thank you! The views really are lovely. Look up the firth one way and you can see this view and up the other way is Inverness. It’s great. 🙂

    BA – 🙂 I agree.

    Kelsie – But of course. Kettle’s always on!

    Cat’s Puke – The only downside of this move is that we’ll lose out wonderful dog walker so… 🙂

    Siri – Nup. 😉

    DaviMack – It’s just across the firth from Inverness, just a couple of miles from the town in a village called North Kessock.

    Sara – I am, without a doubt, the luckiest duck in the world.

  4. I’m so pleased that you are moving to somewhere so beautiful. Like the others I shall be eagerly looking forward to lots of lovely pics of the area and Marco enjoying himself this Summer. Also to hearing a bit about Inverness as I’ve never been there. Please try not to overdo things though as moving can be so tiring!

  5. Wendy – Yup, I knew it was you. 🙂 The area isn’t actually very far from where I am now but I’ll certainly have lots of new micro-areas to share with you. Shall attempt to take your advice and take it easy with the moving but I tend to be a bit of a whirlwind then crash afterwards!

    Aforkfullofspaghetti – Thank you! I’m terribly excited about it all!

    Chelsea – 🙂

  6. Maninas – Aren’t I?? 🙂

    Em – Ah, another word that I didn’t know was Scots. A firth is a bit like an estuary though it doesn’t have to be the mouth of a river. It’s a long, narrow bit of sea between two bits of land. Hope that helps!

  7. That is a million dollar view! I know you will love it at your new home. Good luck with the move. It is always hard work packing and unpacking. Is that ice floating on the water?

  8. Magnificent Photo. Ialso have one looking back over Inverness from North Kessock but mine is not nearly as beautiful as yours! Will you be near the bridge? Is it Moray Firth there? We also took many photos in Fortrose and Kilmuir. It was so windy!
    What a lovely place it will be to live.

  9. Gale – Thank you! That’s seaweed on the water, by the way. It’s been cold enough for ice down there this winter though!

    Em – You’re very welcome. 🙂

    Heather – Thank you! 🙂

    Mallika – Thanks! I’m a bit of a freak though – love packing and moving!

    Yvonne – So nice that you know where I’m talking about! I’ll be at the other end of the village though, away from the bridge. The body of water has two names at two different parts. It’s the Moray Firth from the North Sea to the Kessock Bridge and then is called the Beauly Firth from the bridge until the end of the firth at Beauly.

    Pille – I know. Very lucky!

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  11. Sophie – The dog photos are my ones. It’s the above photo and the other few of the view from my house that Dad took. He’s really good with landscapes. 🙂

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