Toad Rescue

Warning: due to moving house, blog posts in the coming weeks may be random/erratic/few and far between/all of the above.

Today, for example, I’m posting a toad.  We rescued him from the middle of a busy path at the weekend and seemed to quite enjoy having his photo taken.  He’s rather handsome, don’t you think?


17 thoughts on “Toad Rescue

  1. Handsome?….Hmmm. Not sure I share this view. Well done on saving him though, Rufus nearly stood on one the other night and jumped a mile when what he thought was a leaf moved! x

  2. Do you think if I blow him a little virtual kiss he will turn into an even more handsome bloke?

    Moving is Stressful. Super Stressful. Take your time, gorgeous!

  3. Gen – Can’t quite imagine Rufus being freaked out!

    Lucy – Handsomer than that toad? Surely not. 🙂 Don’t remember moving being quite this stressful before. I’ve been going for the “get it over as quickly as possible” method rather than what you’ve suggested. Starting to regret it. I’m tired.

    Antonia – Thank you!!

    Su Lin – Just a wee peck. He tasted funny. 😉

    Mad Dog – Thank you. I really did enjoy meeting him. 🙂

    DaviMack – No. But, to be fair, I suspect that’s a toad’s default expression!…

  4. Yes, he’s adorable, a fine, rolly-polly figure of the toad. Compassion towards animals always lightens my heart a little.

    Moving is one of the top-5 life stresses. After moving far more times in my life than I would have liked to, I find you get less resilient after each occasion. Setting some priorities may help you handle the load, like getting kitchen, bath and bed organized first. Good luck!

  5. I tend to favour your method, too, Wendy…I always just want it all over ‘n done with quick as a flash.

    Sending out good, encouraging thoughts I am. X

  6. I hope you have taken a day off to protect yourself from the stress of the move. I know how tough it can be–so disorienting.

    Good luck; may the toad be with you.

  7. Best of luck with moving dearie. It’ll be over soon. Hope Marco settles into his new abode.

    Frogs and toads are creatures I prefer to admire from afar – so your photo is gorgeous. I wouldn’t be quite so happy if it was in the house . . .

  8. Lucy – Thank you, sweetie. Those thoughts are very much appreciated. 🙂

    Pia – Thank you! Hoping to find one of those tea strainers for the new house!

    Holler – Yeah… I don’t remember it being quite this stressful before!

    Christina – Lol! Thank you. I’m entitled to a day off but am so busy at work just now I haven’t taken it. Ridiculous, I know, but I think I’d get even more uptight being off work just now. The Easter hols start in a week and three days though!!

    Kathryn – Thank you! Marco would be happy anywhere with ready access to walks and food so I’m not too worried about him settling in. 🙂

    David – Good grief. Amphibians have no sense of decorum at all!

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