11 thoughts on “First BBQ of 2009

  1. How fun! Btw I made your cabbage recipe (the one with bacon and creme fraiche) last night and it completely cheered me after an ugly day at work 🙂 I had made it before and liked it – but the creme fraiche really gives it an added dimension.

  2. Yeah! Well you beat me to it – I’m having mine this weekend. Although, haven’t you got a full size BBQ underneath that disposable? Are you just waiting for someone to say that?! Nowt wrong with the disposable I should add. Oh I’m all excited about mine too now! Rain will not put me off.

  3. Leonie – Absolutely nothing! 🙂

    City Girl – That’s funny, I had it for lunch today. Had forgotten how much I enjoy it. So glad it cheered you up. 🙂

    Antonia – It really is. The sun and (relative) warmth have gone again but they reminded me of why I should be looking forward to summer.

    Christina – Couldn’t agree more. Best enjoyed barefooted, I think.

    Helen – Wondered if anyone would notice that! The nearest shop didn’t sell coals but it did sell disposable bbqs. Method in my madness! Did you also notice we forgot to remove the cardboard sleeve with the big writing that says “Remove cardboard before use”?

  4. Couldn’t be happier for you. Long may it last! Bodes well for your Easter weekend (?).

    Here, it’s sunny and STUNNING after a week – that’s right a whole week – of rain. Things are greening up again nicely.

  5. Lucy – Ah, if only that were true. One day’s weather has absolutely no bearing on the nexts in these woods though. Hee hee. Tickled that I got “bear” and “woods” in the same sentence!

    Johanna – Thank you! Our fingers are firmly crossed!

  6. okay, wendy – the above comment – re cabbage with creme fraiche – what recipe is that? had a wee search but couldn’t find – i do see the cabbage and lemongrass….
    p.s. pictures great..

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