Change of Plans

Decided that the site I had previously chosen for my new vegetable patch just wasn’t going to work.  Everything I read said most crops need a minimum of six hours direct light and this plot only just achieved it.  Moving the gravel and clearing the ground beneath was going to be a big job and one I would have totally resented if my broadbeans didn’t grow.  Time for a change of plans.

One short call to my landlord later and we were digging up the front garden instead.

The plot is one metre wide and nine metres long.  Planting starts later in the week after I have erected a chicken wire fence to protect my seedlings from  a certain black devil.  

Shall post my crop plans soon.

14 thoughts on “Change of Plans

  1. Gosh that’s a good space for vegies. You’re going to be able to fit heaps in there. I can almost imagine Marko thinking – look at all that great digging space!

  2. Gen – Me too. Expect more courgettes!

    Holler – Vast amounts of fish-finger sandwiches. 😉

    Susan – He is. He’s a friend of my family though so it’s a not a normal landlord/tenant situation.

    Pia – He’d like to think so. Now if only he would stop eating the soil…

    Jane – Shall take a look as soon as my computer stops being weird. Thanks in advance!

    Christina – It’s infinitely better in terms of light and space and views. Much happier.

    Kathryn – There will be a fence erected very soon to keep Marco Barko out of there!

  3. This looks like a really good patch Wendy. You’ve got a lovely landlord letting you dig up the front garden!

    I’ve bought a couple of raised beds this year and am attempting to do something akin to the square foot gardening link Jane mentions. Can’t wait to have something homegrown to eat.

  4. Nice landlord! And best of luck with the garden. I have given up my tomatoes since Cosmo (one of my labs) began lifting his leg on every plant in the garden. Oh well.

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