Bluebell Sunday



11 thoughts on “Bluebell Sunday

  1. Loads of them down here in North Yorkshire, including some in my garden. So much later than I was used to in London.

  2. Simply gorgeous! Our Swedish ones come much later, it’s such a high summer flower for us here. At least it used to be, before the weather began being very offish…

  3. Mike – Remember going to London in early March one time and seeing the cherry blossoms out in full bloom. There wasn’t even a peep of green up here.

    Pia – Really? They die off here very soon.

    Lucy – Very near my home. A wonderful, wonderful find. Could have sat there all week.

    Holler – Think this is the nicest bluebell dell I’ve seen. Couldn’t believe how thick the carpet of flowers was.

    AOF – I know! 🙂

  4. Oh! I’m speechless! Bluebells en masse are the most wonderful sight. I remember dancing through a bluebell wood near Chantilly in France while my husband sat cowering in the newly rented car, terrified of driving on the wrong side of the road. We have attempted to create our own bluebell wood in our backyard and each year it gets better. But it will never compare with yours, Wendy.
    How lucky you are!

  5. Yvonne – I am terribly lucky indeed but that Chantilly tale had me giggling. What month do your bluebells come out?

    Starwoodgal – Thank you!

  6. The bluebells appear late August to early September. We first saw them at Tintagel in Cornwall when I was searching for King Arthur and it was love at first sight. Also fell in love with primroses which , this year , show promise of being the best yet in our garden. Have you found any nearby?

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