Three more days until school is out for the summer.  Can’t wait.  I’m tired.  This is partly because it has been a loooooong term and partly because it was a reeeeally good weekend.  🙂

Fatigue is not conducive to blogging so I shall be back with flatbread and babaganoush and a couple of summer cocktails once I’ve perked up.   


7 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. You get a vacation! I’m ENVIOUS! 😉

    (Of course, though, I know that there are things which go on in the summer, and that the vacation doesn’t last all that long, and that you put in endless hours during the term – been alongside when that was going on – but still: ENVIOUS!)

  2. Three days…whoopee!!!

    Counting down for you. Then rest up, sleep well, garden, read some books, walk that beautiful boy of yours and only then come back.

    Coveting your wooden salad bowl.

  3. What a lovely spread that is. Like Lucy, I’m coveting your wooden bowl, but also that white rectangular one, with the tomatoes (?) in. Doesn’t food look glorious when it’s all laid out like that.

    Three more days and then a break – fabulous. Am sure you’ll thoroughly enjoy it!

  4. I am also coveting that beautiful wooden bowl as well as the lantern! The food looks delicious. You must tell us what is on the table and if any has been posted in your recipes. Enjoy your vacation!

  5. DaviMack – The six weeks of summer hols are mostly definitely a perk of teaching!

    Lucy- It’s here! So happy.

    Johanna – Looking forward to doing lots of food experiments this summer so there should be plenty of posts!

    Gale – Green salad (from my garden), oven dried tomatoes (blogged), roasted peppers (blogged), bulgar salad and sour cream with chives. Will have to write about that bulgar salad soon. It’s got a great kick!

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