Picked some of this:

From here:

And made this:

Very good it was too.  🙂


13 thoughts on “Lunch

  1. Well, now, THAT is a damn fine looking bowl of soup!

    But WOW. Those chard leaves make a stunning shot. Has it warmed up a little yet? The garden is really coming along well. Are they broad beans in the background?

    Chuffed you liked it – it’s very basic, flavourwise, but it does hit the spot.

  2. What a gorgeously vibrant garden you have Wendy. I remember the photos where it was just dirt and now it’s *alive*. Beaut looking rainbow chard too. Strong, strong colours and those leaves look luscious and juicy – just as good chard should be.

  3. Aforkfullofspaghetti – Oooh, morcilla. Great!

    Susan – It’s so pretty, isn’t it?

    Nip It In The Bud – Recipe?

    Lucy – That’s peas and golden mangetout in the background. And, no, it’s still pretty cold up here. There is a real possibility that the one week of warmth we got was summer.

    Johanna – It was! 🙂

    Siri – Think I might…

    Karine – Earthy is just the right word.

    Lola – Don’t think I’ve seen chard in the supermarket before. One of the reasons I decided to grow it.

    Holler – The white chard is actually more tender than the rainbow one but I love the colours so much, this is what I grow. 🙂

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