Glen Torridan Bothy

We did another Munro earlier in the week: Maol Chean Dearg.  It was a stunning walk in but unluckily the summit was engulfed in clouds minutes after we reached it.  Should have snapped a few photos immediately but the need for a cheese sandwich after a 3061 ft climb was ferocious.

To reach the hill we walked though the beautiful Glen Torridan and it was here that we passed by this bothy.  At the risk of being scoffed at by serious hillwalkers, I think there’s something terribly romantic about it.  Don’t you?

11 thoughts on “Glen Torridan Bothy

  1. I just happened across your blog while looking for an oven-dried tomato recipe. I am in LOVE!

    I live in the States, but we lived in Cheltenham, UK for almost 4 years and were fortunate enough to visit Scotland. I think your part of the world is the lovliest I have ever seen and I am so excited to follow along with your photos, recipes and travels.

  2. Is that the Munro you climbed behind the first Bothy picture? You must be very fit (and exhausted!). Good luck to you three.

  3. Pia – I’d sleep there. Just far, far away from those manky blankets!

    Christina – Glad it’s not just me. 🙂

    Heather – Thank you!

    Michelle – Hello and thank you! So glad you like the blog. 🙂

    Lee – You’re very welcome!

    Helen – It was one of those days where there was sunshine and showers. Always think the light is nicer then.

    Sara – It was absolutely stunning, must say.

    Yvonne – The Munro we climbed was at the other side of the valley but it was a similar height. No, though, I’m not that fit. Working on it though!

    Aforkfullofspaghetti – Very glad I took this photo when I did. When we passed it on the way back it was smothered in cloud!

  4. I’d just so love to go there! I was last in Scotland 15 years ago on Skye and it was superb……..must get my passport renewed.

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