14 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. ooh you lucky thing! How about some kind of clear, light broth? or risotto? ooh, what about a lasagne? I make a rabbit lasagne and I bet they would be lovely in there. Or just a mushroom lasagne. Or ravioli? Stroganoff? Omelette? Oh dear, I’ve got carried away haven’t I. I want some!

  2. these would be fabulous dried out – not only intensifies the flavour but gives you time to ponder all sorts of different recipes to try. I was wondering which of my backlog of recipes to post today and you’ve inspired me to do this one http://nipitinthebud.wordpress.com/2009/08/24/jerusalem-artichoke-and-porcini-mushroom-soup/
    The Covent Garden Soup Co also have a beef, ale and wild mushroom recipe here http://www.newcoventgardenfood.com/site/recipe_1.asp

  3. Helen – I’ve been meaning to try your rabbit lasagne for a looong time now. Perhaps it’s time.

    Jacqueline – Bet they’d turn the rice a lovely colour. 🙂

    Twobarkingdogs – You had me at “cream”…

    Davimack – Oddly enough, I love the taste of mushroom soup but can’t stand the smell of it cooking. Dunno why.

    Kristin – Oooh, sounds good. Off for a look now.

    Su-Lin – That’d be lovely. I’m a HUGE pasta fan. 🙂

    Lucy – Wonderful. Look forward to it! Wonder if they’ll all be gone by the time you’re around…

    Nip It In the Bud – I said earlier in the comments that I hate the smell of mushroom soup. The addition of Jerusalem Artichokes sounds perfect though!

  4. With mushrooms that good and fresh, I’d be inclined to keep it simple. Sauteed over a hot pan in lots of butter, with a good dose of pepper. And a handful of chopped flat leaf parsley. A drop or two of truffle oil, and the whole lot maybe with some tagliatelle. Yum.

  5. I, my name is Susanna and I’m from Italy…..Your blog is simply great!!! And your dog so cute!!!!!
    Greetings from Tuscany!!!!!!

    p.s.: I Love Scotland!!!!!!! ^__^

  6. Hi, I live in the USA and I came across your blog while researching photgraphy tips on the internet. I really love the pictures you take! Thank you for inspiring me:)


  7. Hi!

    Chantarelles are the best!

    I made a meat loaf with them: http://n2rimata-kont.blogspot.com/2009/08/pikk-seenepoiss.html

    1kg of minced meat
    0,5 kg of mushrooms
    1 big onion
    salt & pepper
    2 eggs
    0,5dl of oat

    Cook the mushrooms on a pan with half of the onion and pepper and salt until they seem good enough.
    Mix the meat with salt and pepper, two eggs, oatmeal (let it stay in some water for a while at first) and the other half of the onion.

    Roll the meat on a cooking paper as dough and put the mushrooms on it and then roll the meat with the help of the paper.

    Cook it with 200 degrees C about 25 minutes. It’s awesome!

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