Three Reasons to Smile

The clocks change this evening.  Now, I’m not one to become down during the dark days but if I were this post, this clip and dancing in the kitchen to this song would brighten me up.



7 thoughts on “Three Reasons to Smile

  1. I know it’s not cool to say I like the Dixie Chicks but they do make your toe tap and your heart smile :o)
    When the clocks change at this time of year and people look forward to an hour extra in bed I’m always always thinking, ‘darn it, It just means you go to bed and hour later and then wonder why you feel more and more tired as the week goes on.’ So if I start feeling grumpily tired this week I shall turn to the Dixie Chicks and dance it off.
    Nic x

  2. Love the Dixie Chicks. I sometimes use songs of theirs in my English classes! The cat really has style. Yep, these could all cheer up the dark days of winter! Thanks;-)

  3. Nip it in the Bud – The Dixie Chicks aren’t cool???? Ah well…

    Beverly – May I ask how you use the songs? Always looking for new ideas. 🙂

    DaviMack – It’s the car I can’t figure out.

    AOF – I know! Especially the jumping out part.

  4. Wendy, I just visited the stone soup blog. What a great story. I hope she gets a hot date. I think I’ve driven past El Bulli. Is it near Bilboa? Hope all is well now. Love Shona.

  5. I love that song too! It always cheers me up – Live it up when you get the chance – I need to remember that more often.

    I just visited the Stone Soup blog too – what a great idea, hope she get some great company for that evening. That’s a great blog too, thanks for the link!

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