Tea Poached Pears


Tea Poached Pears

A pear per person

Enough scented tea (I used this blend kindly sent to me by Pia) to half cover the pears in a pan

Sugar to taste – tea should be fairly sweet

  • Peel the pears carefully.
  • Bring the tea to a simmer.  Add sugar to taste.
  • Poach the pears, turning occasionally, until warmed through and stained.

9 thoughts on “Tea Poached Pears

  1. Cooked pears aren’t my thing but husband loves them . Must try this for him instead . Usually I use those rock hard cooking pears that take ages to cook and put cloves in the water and sugar about half way through . They go a very pretty pink .

  2. Oh joy, I have an orange dulce tea just waiting for me to make this. Do you think I can just make the tea as I poach? Or should I be using previously brewed tea?

  3. Smithoniusandsonata – They go pink just through the cloves?

    Helen – Thank you!

    Lucy – Ah, the cooking is the easy part. It’s the rest that sucks. 🙂

    Roo – Enjoy!

    Naminami – Ooooh, jasmine tea. That sound great.

    Pia – Thank you so much again!

    Robin – I made it as I poached then just strained it afterwards. Add a little less tea than you’d use for a cup though as it’ll be brewing for longer.

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