Freezing Fog

It hasn’t got above zero here for a few days and a thick layer of freezing fog has engulfed us all of that time. 

If you ever want to freak yourself out, try going for a solitary walk along a lonely country road in icy mist. 




9 thoughts on “Freezing Fog

  1. I never appreciated how beautiful frost could be til I encountered it in Scotland – or how bone numbingly cold it is – hope you wore lots of warm woollies on your walk and that marco kept moving quickly to keep warm

  2. gorgeous and atmospheric! i hate the icy roads and streets, but i love the solitary feel of these walks.

    i would love to take some misty photos of stockholm/suburbs but for some odd reason weather never cooperates. strange…:)

  3. The fog in Edinburgh Friday / Saturday, was something else. No sunlight for two days!

    There were so many opportunities for fantastic photos, and looks like you got your fair share, I love the picture of the road.

  4. Johanna – Winter is my favourite clothes month. LOTS of woolies in my closet. 🙂

    Scotsman – Utah? That’s about as far from Scotland as you get in all ways. Hope you find some lonely roads sometime.

    Gale – It was lovely.

    Gen – Very spooky. Especially when a figure came out of it. Eeeeeek!

    Pia – The snowy ones you took were amazing though.

    Maninas – I know!

    Lauren – It was a weird few days, wasn’t it?

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