Snow and Ice

It’s been very cold here for weeks now.  When it’s not snowing, the temperatures are well below zero (centigrade). 

 It’s lovely and not at the same time.

This is some of the lovely.





14 thoughts on “Snow and Ice

  1. love those wellies – they would be great if you were lost in the snow – not that you would be but if you were …. (then again marco would probably be more useful)

  2. I’m still enjoying the snow, thankfully I don’t have to drive very far to work though. We’ve been doing a lot of sledging which has been great fun – it is cold though, hot water bottles every night! Your photos are lovely, I’m going to try and learn to use my camera properly this year.

  3. Great photos. It’s just beautiful in your part of the world. We are expecting snow here in eastern NC tomorrow. Nothing like what you have there. Love those red wellies. I’m thinking maybe I should have gone with red rather than conservative navy blue. Stay warm.

  4. Your pictures are fantastic! I especially like the grumpy looking bird. I also love the beautiful clear blue skies. In New Hampshire January is almost uniformly gray.

  5. Oh I love your photos! Another one I would like to paint is the bird against that great chipped wall! (Haven’t done the wee bird yet but I will) Thanks for sharing.

  6. We’ve been having a bit of snow here in London too. Probably not by your standards but still. Anyway the whole city has basically ground to a halt as per usual. The transport system just can’t cope. I am in love with my wellies – they stop me from stacking it on the what used to be a pavement but is now an ice rink.

  7. So beautiful, but then that’s from my perspective in Australia! I was thinking it would be nice to migrate to Scotland – perhaps I’ll think again. At least you don’t have to go to school so Marco will be happy to have his Mummy there.

  8. It is hard to believe it could be that cold anywhere today because it is 40C here in Adelaide, South Australia. I will leave your photos on the screen to cool me down.

  9. A friend just referred me to your site and I think it’s lovely. I think she knew I love both food and Scotland (visited once in 2007) and thought I would enjoy your blog. I plan to visit again. Blessings to you!

  10. Thanks everyone. 🙂

    Yvonne – I’m not a skier, unfortunately. My partner David snowboards every chance he gets. He’s in Canada for a few months though. Think the snow here is just as good as Whistler for once though!

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