Amsterdam in Winter

I’ve been to Amsterdam four times now.  Previous vists have always been in the summer months where we’ve lazed in parks, sat on terraces and wandered the streets for hours on end.  It was always lovely but I never did fall in love with the city in the same way I did with Stockholm or Madrid or New York. 

That changed this weekend.  With temperatures well below zero, lead skies and a biting, northerly wind, we spent much of our time in cafes and pubs and restaurants drinking strong coffees and dainty beers, eating bitterballen and waffles and chinese food, looking out the window at the passing bikes and city dogs, and blethering away happily with each other and the exceptionally friendly locals. 

It was the perfect way to soak up the city. 

Took very few photographs, I must say.  The light was too flat for Amsterdam to show her best face and I wasn’t at all keen on taking my gloves off even for a few moments!  Here’s a little taster of my weekend though:




11 thoughts on “Amsterdam in Winter

  1. Dear Wendy, what wonderful pictures! I’ve been in Amsterdam probably 3-4 times also, and always found it interesting, but rather on the dirty side. Things have improved, of course, and the structure of the city is so remarkable. Loved your pictures…. brought back so many good memories.

  2. I’ve been a few time, but like you said always in summer and I always thought Amsterdam was ok but nothing especially amazing. Maybe I need to try it in the winter, it looks great from your photos even if you only took a few!

  3. Glad you liked Amsterdam. My Grandfather came from there – he left in 1913 and never lost his accent.
    When we were there we visited his half brother, Ko, who still lived in the apartment my Grandfather did! My cousin traced the family back to the 14th century!These Dutch don’t move around much.
    I must say I felt odd there but it was probably because we were just about to return to Australia and was so tired.
    Back to reality for you now.

  4. I have been there a couple of times – once many years ago and once en route to Scotland in 2006 in January – not impressed the first time but the second I just loved it as I was so much more relaxed and we just wandered around the city and really enjoyed ourselves – I love your photos and all that snow – sounds like a great trip – makes me want to go there again

  5. Hi Wendy and welcome back!
    Looks like winter is following you around 🙂 I just came across this on the BBC Scotland website:
    >The Met Office has issued a warning of heavy snowfalls in parts of the Highlands.
    Forecasters said there will be persistent falls across Caithness, eastern Sutherland, eastern Ross and Cromarty and Inverness-shire.<

  6. ah, i just lost a long comment…:( let’s see if i can recreate…

    beautiful photos (flat light or not)!

    as you know i’m no fan of amsterdam, i found it dirty (dog poo galore) and well it did nothing to me (like copenhagen, venice, berlin, hamburg, edinburgh, york and such magical places:). but i do recall that the food was good and dutch are friendly and such good english speakers. and i do believe that off season is the best way to discover, or rediscover, a city’s true nature. i love autumn and winter trips!

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