So I’m not going to be winning any wildlife photography awards anytime soon, I know, but check it out!  Otter!

Spotted her two nights running and will be out tomorrow evening again with my camera trying to get a better photo.  Isn’t she lovely though?  She has a cub too.  🙂

Otter aside, a bonnie night.


12 thoughts on “Otter!

  1. Your photographs are superb and I’m hooked on your blog because of them, but I’m pretty sure your otter is actually a seal!! Have you seen her on land – as that would confirm it one way or another?

  2. Gorgeous!
    I think otters are absolutely beautiful (and so cute!). But this one does look like a seal…?
    But I think seals are fabulous as well!
    Have you ever been to the Scottish Sea Life Sanctuary in Oban? Went there 2 years ago and really enjoyed it. They rescue and rehabiliate injured or struggling seals and otters.

  3. She really does look like a seal but, no, it’s an otter – promise! Watched her for ages with her cub but kept missing the pictures. Her tail was very clear at times though and the way she was fishing was very different to the seals. Could there have been a seal in the area too and I snapped that mistakenly? They don’t usually like each other very much! Don’t think the otters would have stuck around… Shall head out again the next few evenings and try to get a better picture. 🙂

    Jess – I haven’t no. We might be heading that way this summer though so shall look out for it.

  4. Whenever I have been visiting Scotland I have always wanted to see an otter. Such a good photo. And it was taken on my birthday! Almost as good as seeing it for myself!

  5. Otters are amazing animals , as are seals . Happy to see either ! And your sky is always so beautiful .
    Beetroot muffins might be a step too far though …. Mind you , carrot cake always sounds odd too but tastes lovely . A blind tasting is required , perhaps .

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